Singing Russian Songs in London

A 12-year-old Ukrainian boy, tekachuk, was banned from the European children’s TV singing contest this year because he sang a Russian song in the UK earlier this year, Russian television reported today.

it was reported that tekachuk had made good achievements in the primary election of the TV singing contest. He was originally qualified to participate in the national trials. However, on the 17th, the state public broadcasting company of Ukraine suddenly announced that he was disqualified from taking part in the competition because he wore the uniform of the Soviet Red Army and sang in Russian in an international competition held in London earlier this year Song of the Soviet Union during the patriotic war, and won three awards. In the eyes of many Ukrainians, this experience is a “black history”. Some emotional nationalists published articles criticizing tekachuk on social networks, calling him a propaganda agent for the Kremlin, and his teachers and relatives are “traitors” to the country.

with regard to the decision of the State Public Broadcasting Corporation of Ukraine, Maxim, a member of the ruling People’s public servant party, said that there was no legal basis to deprive tkachuk of his qualification to participate in the national trials. Focus