Skin abnormal pruritus, if there are 4 symptoms, or urticaria in trouble, do not ignore

This is a very common situation. In winter and spring, especially for the elderly, some people will feel itchy and uncomfortable.

once they are accidentally exposed to pollen and some chemicals, they will easily cause skin itching, which is likely to be urticaria.

urticaria is a common disease. Its symptoms are sudden appearance of large and small red lumps on the body, especially itching, and sometimes fever and other systemic symptoms.

this kind of disease is paroxysmal. It comes and goes quickly. The people who are easy to get urticaria are those with allergic constitution. Urticaria usually subsides within one day, but it will recur and become chronic urticaria after a long time.

2. Red spots will appear on the skin under stimulation. If it continues, it will cause great damage to the skin, and there will be a feeling of local fever and pain when pressing.

at the turn of the seasons, the temperature is unstable due to the frequent changes in the climate. Urticaria is easy to attack and get worse. At this time, people with urticaria or those who are prone to urticaria need special attention.

external factors refer to some external factors, such as the air environment, and the daily work and rest habits of recent period. Therefore, poor living habits lead to low immunity and allergic people are prone to urticaria.

people with allergic constitution are easy to suffer from urticaria, so they should pay special attention to their body and learn to maintain their body. Through conditioning, they can gradually improve their physique.

urticaria is closely related to one’s physical fitness. If one’s own immunity is low, it is easy to recur. In short, allergic constitution in the season is very easy to occur urticaria, therefore, we should pay attention to prevention in advance, away from urticaria.

in case of urticaria, don’t worry too much. Keep your mind in mind. Don’t take urticaria as a burden. Don’t use drugs to affect the disease. Don’t scratch the skin with your hands to avoid infection. Ask for help in time. Keep clean and comfortable living environment with fresh air.