Skin anti aging selection SHISEIDO Shiseido new launch Yuet Wei sense series

Shiseido Shiseido has been studying Japanese style skin care for many years, and has deeply explored the problem of skin aging. In September 2020, Shiseido brand will launch a new skin anti aging selection – Yuet Wei Zhi Zhi series. This series of products use cutting-edge neuroinductive research results, and use reneura technology++ Gamma Enhance skin sensitivity, detect various aging problems inside and outside the skin, quickly help skin absorb anti-aging ingredients, make skin younger and brighter.

dark yellow and flabby skin is actually an important signal from skin glycosylation and oxidation, which is the catalyst for skin aging. Therefore, Shiseido brand has put forward the skin care concept of “skin resistance to aging and sugar first”, while resisting the damage of saccharification and oxidation inside and outside the skin, it improves the aging problem with a variety of compound ingredients, and achieves the skin root, nourishing skin and resisting aging.

neurosensory research has found that the skin’s nerve induction affects the accuracy and speed of skin self-healing. Reneura technolony in Yuewei Zhigan series++ Gamma It can enhance the skin’s sensitivity, quickly and accurately detect various aging problems inside and outside the skin, and help the high-efficiency ingredients to accurately transmit to the skin.

SHISEIDO Shiseido Yuet Wei Chi sense series also adds a variety of natural plant extract antiaging ingredients: compound plant VP8 and sunflower safflower essence. Shiseido has been studying for many years, and has made many effective plant ingredients. VP8, bupleurum, black tea, olive leaves, tea, root and methoxy salicylic acid can delay skin protein aging and collagen fiber hardening and breaking, and improve the aging of dark and loose skin. The essence of sunflower safflower can help promote skin aging. Collagen energy can make the skin compact, delicate and transparent.

in addition to cutting-edge technology and natural plant extracts, Yuewei Zhigan series also integrates a variety of natural fragrance, such as orchid and Chimonanthus praecox, with elegant fragrance, which can help relieve skin and heal mood from the inside out. The product packaging design is inspired by the traditional Japanese Raki pottery art. Inspired by the “scenery” formed by the glaze firing at a specific temperature, the product packaging design outlines the pictures of light and shadow with the gradual change of blue, purple and gold, showing the charm of Japanese aesthetics.

aims at different kinds of skin’s anti-aging needs. Yuet Wei smart series has launched various products to help consumers resist skin aging in many directions. Yueyi smart cream has two kinds of texture to meet different skin needs. Yueyi Zhi Zhi day milk is especially aimed at the damage caused by the daytime external environment. It can protect the skin and protect the fragile skin during the day. Yueyi Zhi Zhi eye cream is against the fragile eye aging problem, and helps to brighten the eyes and tighten the eye muscles.

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