Skin care circle is very popular “early C late a”, really useful?

But I don’t recommend that high concentrations of proto VC and high concentrations of retinol are used roughly together, and the risk of skin intolerance rises sharply.

if you really want to use it at the same time, I would suggest that you use mild VC derivatives with low concentration of retinol, and consider the phototoxicity of VA, and choose to use it at night.

anything is too much, high concentration ≠ suitable for you, everyone’s skin tolerance is not the same, novice players have to keep up with the old drivers, it’s their own who suffer.

low concentration of vitamin C is enough for daily C. The concentration of original vitamin C should not exceed 15%; and tretinol can stimulate all skin, even if it exceeds 1%. Tretinoin has lower irritation than it, and its efficacy is similar. It is recommended to start with a-ester.

we all know that the prototype VC has a strong reducibility, and it is easy to oxidize and turn yellow when encountering air. The reason why the skin turns yellow is that the oxidized VC precipitates on the epidermis, does not irritate the skin, and can still play an antioxidant role. Most of the time, after a week or so, these yellow products will be metabolized.

similarly, if a VC product turns yellow, it does not mean that it is inactivated. When VC is oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid, it will appear light yellow, but it still has antioxidant effect. If it is further oxidized to diketogulonic acid, which is brownish yellow, it has little effect.

both VC and VA need to establish tolerance in the early stage. Starting from low concentration, the frequency of use increases from once a week to once every two or three days. Adhere to two or three months to make sure that the skin is really tolerant, and then slowly increase the concentration.

does not need to be overly persistent or dependent on early C A. It is also a collocation formula for anti aging services. In fact, as long as we do moderate moisturizing, moderate cleaning, strict sun protection, so that the skin barrier to maintain a healthy state, are in the service of anti-aging.

in addition to the face, our body’s immune system can also help us eliminate excess free radicals and glycosylated products. Therefore, we should pay more attention to our body’s various functions, exercise actively and improve our immunity. HEALTHY LIFE