Skin care useless is eye cream?

eye cream is useful. Eye cream prices are obvious to people. As one of the three giants of the skin care industry, cream and cream are the cream of the most expensive skin care products. A small bottle of 10ml 20ml eye cream, often sold to the price of 600 or 700 yuan, is it really reasonable? In any case, he is skeptical. The promotion of eye cream is basically “the skin of the eye is very delicate and needs more careful care. Ten years of special research on eye cream formula can give you the most delicate care of your eyes…” I have heard such words many times. Today, let’s take a deep look at whether the eye cream is of any use. < / P > < p > eye cream has many uses. It can effectively relieve eye skin problems such as dark circles, bags, crow’s feet, fine lines, etc., and make the eye skin delicate and elastic. Long term use of eye cream can effectively slow down the aging speed of eye skin and make the skin in better condition. < / P > < p > the cause of vascular dark circles is the capillary congestion caused by the fatigue of eye skin after staying up late. In addition, the skin under the eye is thinner, so the dark circles will appear. < / P > < p > but eye cream can’t change the congenital fundus, the skin is thinner, and it can’t increase the fat or collagen, so it can’t save the dark circles. The only effect is to press the blood stasis on the eyes during the application of eye cream to promote blood circulation, but even if you don’t use eye cream, hand massage is OK. < / P > < p > this kind of black eye socket is simple and clear. It is caused by the precipitation of pigment, and pigment is the pigment that can not be metabolized out in time. Most of these dark circles are caused by inadequate sun protection. < / P > < p > it takes an extremely long time for eye cream to fade, and you need to buy eye cream with whitening effect. It is not effective to use it for half a year, and it is a huge expense! But if you have more money, it’s another matter. < / P > < p > we still need to stand still. The moisturizing effect of eye cream is quite excellent. Eye cream can’t make you grow a little slower than normal, instead, it can make you grow a little slower than normal. To solve the problem completely, you need to adapt to your own living habits. < / P > < p > the pouch is caused by fat displacement at the moment. Congenital fundus dysplasia or with age, orbicularis oculi muscle relaxation, unable to frame the fat, fat on the sliding accumulation protruding out of the pouch. < / P > < p > the problem of eye bags can’t be solved with eye cream. The eye bags must be solved by beauty instrument or medical beauty project. Otherwise, you can tell Shilu what kind of skin care products can move your fat. < / P > < p > eye lines are wrinkles of the eye skin caused by light aging, aging or expression lines. As if it were raining flowers, its efficacy was not supported by any clinical data. The propaganda of all the flowers was entirely in the business. After all, skin care products were not as strict as the listing requirements of drugs. < / P > < p > eye cream still has a certain effect on eye lines. Dry lines caused by dry skin around the eyes can be improved by eye cream. The dry lines are formed around the eyes due to the lack of water and shrinkage of the cells. The eye cream can fill the cells and smooth the dry lines by moisturizing and locking the water. < / P > < p > 1. If you want to use eye cream to solve the problem of dark circles or bags under the eyes, you still don’t want to buy it. Instead, you can buy a beauty instrument to go deep into the cells to solve the eye problems. < / P > < p > 2. If you just feel that the eye skin is dry or the ultimate goal is to prevent fine lines, you can buy a cost-effective moisturizing eye cream according to your financial situation. < p > < p > in fact, Shilu didn’t say that he wanted everyone not to buy eye cream and put an end to eye cream. Before Shilu, he said that eye cream must be used after the age of 20, and it can’t hit the face. It just means that people buy eye cream according to their needs. Eye cream after 20 years old is to prevent eye skin aging. I hope everyone’s skin care funds can be spent to useful places, and remember to go to bed early! Focus