Skin has these characteristics, is born “milk muscle”, girls will envy

Whenever people see a girl with smooth and white skin, they will envy and love. Liu Yifei, the “fairy sister” whom we all like very much, is a typical example of white skin. As we all know, white and transparent skin, which looks like milk, is often called “milk muscle”. In this age of beauty first, milk muscle is the common pursuit of most girls. < / P > < p > because once a person has milk muscle, her appearance and temperament will be very outstanding. If your skin has the following characteristics, it shows that you are born “milk muscle”, at the same time, 2 people are very rare, let’s have a look at yourself! < / P > < p > the skin without obvious blemishes such as pockmarks or spots on the face meets the first major standard of “milk muscle”. Now many girls in the experience of acne, the face will leave more or less acne marks. < / P > < p > * skincare knowledge points: if you want to fundamentally solve the problem of defects, mianmianmian suggests that we shift our thinking from “solution” to “prevention”. Mastering the skills of preventing acne is much simpler than the follow-up efforts to eliminate acne. < / P > < p > we can pay attention to skin care, diet, work and rest and so on, and gradually improve our skin condition, so as to avoid many unnecessary troubles. < / P > < p > in addition to no obvious defects on the face, the second obvious feature of milk muscle is that the skin color of the face is uniform. Nowadays, most people’s life pressure is very big, many people’s life is not regular, at the same time do not adhere to skin care. < / P > < p > over time, there will be a series of skin quality problems, such as uneven skin color, poor facial color, skin waxy yellow and so on. What’s more, there will be skin relaxation at a young age. < / P > < p > * skincare knowledge points: if you want to avoid uneven skin color, you are advised to adjust from diet and work and rest as much as possible. The most direct way is to eat less or not to eat spicy and greasy food, at the same time to ensure their adequate sleep, adjust the work and rest rules.

in addition, you can also make regular use of the mask to replenish and nurse the skin, which can also effectively regulate the skin condition. < / P > < p > finally, the third milk muscle feature we want to talk about is that the skin is white and clean. In terms of skin color, whiteness is easy to understand. When it comes to “clean”, I believe that many girls do not understand the concept. < / P > < p > the clean face here means that the face will not have frequent acne, too many closed mouth, no redundant defects, no bulky pores and no mites. < / P > < p > * skin care knowledge points: if you want to keep your skin in a “clean” state, you should pay attention to the facial “cleaning” step. We should not only choose the right makeup remover, makeup remover oil, but also choose the right cleanser, so as to achieve the effect of deep cleaning. < / P > < p > if you think it’s troublesome to buy too many bottles and jars, then Mianmian suggests that you start a facial cleanser that combines “makeup removal and facial cleansing”. This kind of product is not only convenient and fast, but also very effective. < / P > < p > this facial cleanser can deeply clean without harming our own skin. Because its ingredients are very mild, without any stimulation, pregnant women and children can use it. < / P > < p > OK, that’s all for this issue. Skin has the above characteristics, is born “milk muscle”, at the same time in 2 is very rare, I only in one, do not know how many people in it? Welcome to share with mianmianmian in the comments area. See you next time! Home