Sleep always wake up in the middle of the night, mouth bitter and dry, or gastrointestinal discomfort

Introduction: to say when to sleep the most appropriate, nothing better than autumn, the temperature is just right, neither hot nor cold, and no mosquitoes buzzing in the ear, can be said to be very happy.

but many people have a worry, that is, when they wake up in the middle of the night, they will find that their mouth is a little dry and bitter, and they are very uncomfortable. We are very confused about what caused it. In fact, it’s a gastrointestinal problem.

if the gastrointestinal function fails, the food consumed by the human body every day can not be digested very well. Most of the food is accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract and will ferment to produce some gas. These gases can not be discharged, can only flow back to the mouth, at this time, the mouth will be bitter, there will be halitosis, very annoying.

in traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that yin and yang are in harmony. If the body’s fire is too strong, resulting in the imbalance of yin and Yang, the body fluid will be reduced, and the body will feel irritable.

we need to know that when we eat food, we always chew in the mouth before entering the stomach. If we often don’t clean the mouth, it will cause oral inflammation and bacteria breeding.

the food we eat will also bring in a lot of bacteria, which will damage the intestines and stomach. And in toothache, the mouth can not eat too much, stomach filling is not enough, there will be acid regurgitation, resulting in bitter mouth.

some people even think that brushing too many times will cause tooth wear, and brushing once a day is enough. This view is wrong. We should know that when our teeth chew food, those food residues will remain in the teeth. If they are not cleaned up in time, they will rot and breed bacteria.

when staying up late at night, it’s not only the eyes but also other parts of the body. Boil too late, the stomach will secrete some gastric acid, back into the esophagus, to the mouth, people will feel the mouth bitter, uncomfortable. So it’s best to go to bed before 23 o’clock every day, which can make our body get enough rest.

many people don’t have time to eat in the daytime. When they have a good time in the evening, they will reward themselves with a big dinner. The basic point is big fish and big meat, this kind of fat is too high, it is not easy to digest, when you sleep, you will feel sick stomach.

you can eat some light food, ensure the daily meat and vegetables match, and try to ensure that you can eat three meals a day, not a hungry full meal. At the same time, you can also eat some coarse grains to help digestion.

bad stomach not only can’t taste the delicious food, but also can easily affect digestion, resulting in various manifestations of indigestion. And if often bitter mouth, dry, easy to wake up in the middle of the night, affect the quality of sleep, a long time, easy to cause insomnia.

conclusion: sleep always wake up in the middle of the night, the mouth is bitter and dry, do not want to be troubled, you can try to do the above methods, let your stomach get recuperation. If the stomach is not good, a lot of food can not enjoy, that life will be a lot less fun. You can make a cup of stomach nourishing tea every morning to nourish your stomach. CUISINE&HEALTH