Sleep is bad, often insomnia how to do? Eat five kinds of food, or can calm the mind and brain

With the increase of life pressure, more and more people begin to have poor sleep and insomnia. After a hard day’s work, the human body needs to recover energy through high-quality sleep. Poor sleep will aggravate the fatigue of the body, leading to

. Therefore, long-term sleep problems will cause great harm to the body. So what should be done to improve sleep quality? Today I will give you a detailed introduction of five kinds of food that can relieve insomnia and soothe the mind.

the alkaloids contained in lotus seeds have the effect of calming the mind and helping sleep, which is very suitable for patients with weak constitution and insomnia and palpitations. Patients with poor sleep can drink a bowl of lotus seed porridge every day, which can effectively relieve insomnia. In addition, lotus seed is rich in iron, which can treat anemia, relieve fatigue, tonify kidney and strengthen essence, which can nourish the heart and calm the mind and treat frequent urination. The phosphorus element contained in lotus seed is an important component of teeth. Eating more lotus seeds can also reduce tooth problems.

one of the causes of insomnia is excessive thinking and excessive internal fire, while Lily is sweet and cold in nature. It can clear the heart and calm the mind, nourish yin and moisten the lung, and tonify the spleen and stomach. It has good curative effect on patients with strong internal fire and insomnia and dreamy. Patients with poor sleep can use lily to soak water to drink or boil Lily porridge to eat. But remind everyone that lily fragrance is not sleep aid effect, and fresh lily fragrance is rich, if placed in the bedroom, not only can not improve sleep, but also may cause restlessness, aggravating insomnia.

Millet’s stomach nourishing function has been well known. In fact, Millet’s sleep aid effect is also very good. The content of tryptophan in millet is very high, which can promote the secretion of serotonin, make people feel sleepy and help them fall asleep. Therefore, patients with poor sleep can drink more millet porridge, which can improve sleep and strengthen the spleen and stomach.
it contains a large amount of milk before sleep, which can make people feel sleepy. And milk also contains tryptophan, can make people feel relaxed, accelerate sleep, improve sleep quality. But the best time to drink milk is 30 minutes before going to bed, so that there is enough time to play a sleep boosting effect, and the amount of drinking should not be too much, so as to avoid the need for urination at night, but affect the quality of sleep.

jujube is rich in flavonoids, which can soothe the mind and help sleep. Insomnia patients caused by physical weakness and neurasthenia can eat more red dates. And there are many ways to eat jujube. Patients can choose to eat dry, make tea, boil soup or congee according to their personal preference. However, it should be noted that the time of red jujube brewing should not be too long, which is easy to cause nutrient loss and affect the therapeutic effect.

the above are five kinds of food that can relieve insomnia, including lotus seed, lily, millet, milk and red dates. They are all common food in life. Long term consumption can improve the quality of sleep. In addition, insomnia patients should pay attention to the quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, before going to bed should try to let the brain relax, not too excited, can listen to some soothing music to maintain emotional stability, can also use the method of combing hair before sleep to eliminate brain fatigue, help sleep. Focus