Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore

This is also why pregnancy derived a lot of taboos, some requirements are indeed some too harsh, and many problems really need to pay attention to. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers have a bad habit when they get up in the morning and keep it for a long time. Easy to ignore the small problems, it is likely to cause trouble, pregnant mother don’t take it lightly. Nowadays, many office workers have a common habit of not having breakfast. In order to sleep more than a few minutes, the sacrifice of a breakfast, for ordinary people, even damage to health, pregnant mothers even more can not eat. < p > < p > in her early pregnancy, Xiaoyi didn’t pay much attention to her diet because she was not very pregnant with vomiting. She still continued her habit of not eating breakfast, and almost all other meals were done by fooling around with a few mouthfuls. What’s more, nutrition is a fantasy. When it comes to the second trimester of pregnancy, the problems begin to appear gradually. In a prenatal examination, Xiaoyi found that the baby’s actual gestational week is less than two weeks, the news like a thunderbolt. “< p > < p > the doctor said:” the baby is too small, but it is not serious. Pay attention to nutrition supplement, especially breakfast must be eaten, supplement protein and vitamin, don’t just drink two porridge to fool. ” < p > < p > after listening to the doctor, Xiaoyi lowered her head in shame, blaming herself for her carelessness. Not having breakfast seems like a small thing, but it has no small impact on health. Pregnant mothers shoulder the nutritional needs of two people, and the responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. < / P > < p > breakfast should not only be eaten on time, but also be well eaten. Protein, vitamins and carbohydrates are indispensable nutrients for breakfast. It is recommended to add a cup of milk and an egg as a supplement. < p > < p > affected by estrogen and progesterone in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers are prone to gastrointestinal discomfort, especially in the morning, “morning vomiting” is easy to occur, and not eating breakfast will aggravate morning vomiting, which makes pregnant women very uncomfortable. < / P > < p > in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the enlarged uterus will compress the stomach, which not only reduces the gastric volume, but also easily causes gastric acid reflux. If you don’t eat breakfast, the stomach acid will not be neutralized, which will make the pregnant mother feel very uncomfortable. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother doesn’t eat breakfast, the energy stored in her body will be exhausted after 10 a.m., and her baby’s development will also be affected. < / P > < p > if you don’t have breakfast in the morning, you are also prone to dizziness, similar to hypoglycemia. Blood glucose during pregnancy needs to be well controlled, too high or too low will affect the baby’s development, and also bring adverse effects to Baoma. < p > < p > the appetite in the morning is generally not good. It is suggested that breakfast should be set between 7 and 9 o’clock. At this time, the intestines and stomach begin to wriggle, and the appetite of the pregnant mother rises, so you can eat something properly. < p > < p > breakfast needs to be supplemented with energy, protein and vitamins, and the nutritional requirements account for 25% – 30% of the day. Therefore, pasta, such as steamed buns, steamed bread and bread, is also essential. Milk and eggs can supplement protein and calcium. Pregnant mothers can also choose coarse grain porridge or soybean milk to supplement dietary fiber and trace elements. It is not recommended to eat pickles for breakfast, especially the small mixed vegetables overnight. The content of nitrite is higher than that of pickles. The mixed vegetables need to be mixed and eaten immediately. It is suggested to add some fresh vegetables or fruits to breakfast. Appetite < / P > < p > there is a saying that “eat early, eat well in the afternoon, and eat less in the evening”. It thinks that breakfast should be eaten violently, but the intestines and stomach during pregnancy are relatively weak. It is suggested to eat less and more meals, and breakfast can be properly eaten, and it is not necessary to eat too much.