“Smoking control orders” are constantly upgrading, and “low-cost cigarettes” are gradually disappearing. These smokers have no choice but to quit smoking

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the pressure of modern people has also increased a lot. Some people choose to smoke in order to relieve the pressure. However, cigarettes are easy to make people “addicted”. As a result, many people can’t quit smoking easily once they are contaminated with cigarettes. However, in recent years, the “smoking control order” has been constantly upgraded, which makes such smokers have no choice but to quit smoking. < / P > < p > China should have the largest number of smokers. Many people can’t live without cigarettes. Once they become addicted to cigarettes, they have to smoke two. However, it is well known that “smoking is harmful to health”. Every year, many smokers suffer from serious diseases due to smoking all the year round, thus endangering their life and health. < / P > < p > moreover, the harm of second-hand smoke is relatively large. Especially, before, many people like to smoke in public places, so that people around them will smoke “second-hand smoke”. As we all know, 2 The harm of hand smoke to human body is even more than that of hand smoke. So in this case, in order to protect the health of Chinese people, the state took action and began to decide to control smoking. Today, tobacco control in China has also achieved initial results. According to relevant reports, in 2018, the smoking rate of people aged 15 and above in China was 26.6%, of which 50.5% for men, 2.1% for women, 28.9% for rural areas and 25.1% for cities. However, there is still a long way to go from the ultimate goal of smoking control – “the smoking rate of people aged 15 and above will drop to 20% by 2030”. Therefore, in recent years, efforts in tobacco control have not been relaxed at all. In this regard, some experts “offer suggestions” and think that the tobacco tax should be raised continuously. For smokers, raising the tobacco tax means that “low-cost cigarettes” will gradually disappear. In this way, the cost of buying cigarettes will increase a lot. In other words, raising the tobacco tax will make the price of cigarettes “rise” in disguise. < p > < p > in fact, since 2015, China has started to increase the tobacco tax. The ad valorem tax rate of cigarette wholesale has been increased from 5% to 11%, and the ad valorem tax rate is 0.005 yuan / cigarette. Although the tax on tobacco has been raised, cigarettes have become more and more “cheap”. Therefore, in some areas, “low-cost cigarettes” can still be bought. Therefore, the increase of tobacco tax has not prevented some smokers from buying cigarettes. However, if we continue to raise the tobacco tax, it will continue to increase the tobacco purchase cost of smokers, especially for those who have relatively weak economic ability. Some people say that most of the smokers are the so-called poor people. They are under great pressure and take smoking as a “spiritual sustenance”. However, when experts suggested that the tobacco tax should be raised continuously, some poor smokers began to “hesitate” whether to smoke or not? < / P > < p > there are many smokers who come from rural areas. Their income is relatively unstable and not very high, but they are addicted to smoking. Because of smoking, these smokers need to spend a lot of money on cigarettes every month and every year. If they can quit smoking, it is equivalent to saving money. Some people have no choice but to quit smoking. < / P > < p > according to relevant data, the annual income of current smokers and former smokers will be reduced by 37.7% and 44% respectively, compared with never smokers. After excluding the impact of smoking on income, the poverty rate of urban residents in China decreased from 15.33% to 13.63%. This means that if they quit smoking, some smokers can reduce their income and expenditure to a certain extent, and even stay away from poverty. < / P > < p > in short, the arrival of tobacco control will indeed increase the smoking cost of some smokers. However, in the final analysis, it is also hoped to help them quit smoking and protect their health. However, just relying on the “price increase” to control smoking may not make smokers “completely” quit cigarettes. What’s your opinion on this? 08/16/2020