Some of the Chinese people who have been harmed by “detoxification” have suffered cancer, while others have been destroyed

Lao Chen, from Zhejiang Province, is a retiree. After retiring 10 years ago, he is in good health and his children are very filial. This is a happy family, that is, the wife is in general physical condition and needs to take medicine for a long time everyday.

through the brainwashing organized by selling health care products, Lao Chen and his wife were convinced. Lao Chen even stopped all the drugs his wife used in daily life and took “pure natural green” health care products.

However, after taking health care products for a year, Lao Chen found that he had diarrhea and bloody stool. However, he thought that he was detoxifying and had not stopped until one day he fainted due to excessive blood loss.

in our daily life, there are not a few people who are infatuated with detoxification and health preservation like Lao Chen, and there are also news reports about the loss of money caused by eating Sanwu health products. So, is it really necessary to detoxify on the market?

generally speaking, the lymphatic system undertakes the immune killing function of the body. It mainly kills “alien species” entering the body through T cells and macrophages in the lymph. The role of our lymph system in the body is to kill viruses, not to expel toxins. Therefore, it is completely absurd to massage lymph nodes for detoxification, and there is no scientific basis.

for people who lose weight, the word “Subian” is no stranger. This is also a rumor. In medicine, there is no concept of sedentary. The truth is that some businesses create a new word to sell detoxification and weight-loss products, in order to attract people’s attention. The more common is that the defecation will be absorbed by the intestinal tract, which is not good for the body. You need to take cathartic tea to discharge the stool.

However, our large intestine can only absorb water, inorganic salts and some vitamins. The feces left in the large intestine will not deteriorate and decay. Even if it is constipation for several days, it will only make people fart.

it is believed that many people have seen the advertisement that the acne on the face and the fat on the stomach are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. At this time, intestinal therapy can be used to detoxify and relieve symptoms. However, our large intestine does not need to be “cleaned” because the intestinal tract itself has the function of excretion. If the blind to do intestinal therapy, there is likely to be intestinal flora imbalance, water and electrolyte disorders and other risks, but also may be infected with infectious diseases.

experts said: our bodies do not need extra detoxification. Our bodies are far less fragile than we think. The body itself has a strong “detoxification” ability. Organs such as liver, kidney and lung are the natural detoxification system in our body. We excrete toxins from the body through tears, expectoration and defecation, and so on. The extra detoxification is for the body Bring a burden.

in our life, we just need to keep a good diet and work and rest habits. Don’t listen to the publicity of some businesses to do extra detoxification projects, which will not only fail to achieve the effect of detoxification, but also bring extra burden to the body, which is more than the gain!