Some words of puerpera had better not say to anyone, especially doctors, it’s not good

Many Baoma are more nervous and afraid of childbirth. On the one hand, they are worried about the unhealthy development of their babies, and on the other hand, they are afraid of sudden danger during childbirth. Under such pressure, some pregnant mothers may feel aggrieved, so they can’t avoid saying things to their friends and doctors. When Xiao Li was about to give birth, she had a stomachache when she was doing housework. Her family rushed her to the hospital. After examination, the doctor said that she was going to give birth. After a quick preparation, she was pushed into the delivery room. The production process is a hundred times more painful than expected. Xiao Li tried to endure the pain and cooperate with the doctor. Fortunately, the child was born safely. After coming out of the delivery room, Xiao Li was exhausted. Thinking that everyone said that when giving birth to a child, the husband’s performance can see whether he is sincere to himself, so he asked what the husband was doing when he was giving birth. Hearing this problem, the doctor was displeased and directly diverted the topic so that she could talk less and rest more. Seeing the doctor’s attitude, Xiao Li did not continue to ask. < / P > < p > doctors deliver a lot of pregnant women every day. They know that when they ask this question, they just want to know how their husbands treat their childbirth. If the husband is very worried, very anxious, such a reply will make the maternal happy; but if the husband is not serious at all, the doctor’s truthful answer will cause psychological impact on the maternal. < / P > < p > they may be too emotional to cause sudden situations, which are prone to danger. So for safety reasons, doctors avoid answering such questions. Moreover, this is the maternal’s family affairs, which does not belong to the scope of work. Therefore, the doctors are disgusted by the maternal’s question. They think that this question is meaningless and is delaying their own work. < / P > < p > some parturient women are afraid of encountering danger when they are in labor, so they ask doctors to protect their children in advance, and don’t care about themselves. Every doctor hopes everything goes well before starting. Even if there is an accident, he will deal with it as soon as possible and make the most favorable choice according to the actual situation. < / P > < p > lying in women say such words to doctors, which is a sign of distrust. It will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of doctors, and will also add psychological burden to them. It is very unwise behavior. < / P > < p > some parturient women insist on their own ideas and think that it is good to have a natural birth. They tell the doctor in advance that they do not agree with caesarean section in any case. This practice is the most disgusting for doctors, because maternal non cooperation will lead to their work can not be carried out, so doctors have to bear a lot of risk. Not only doctors, but other puerpera also don’t like to hear such words, because some intend to have a caesarean section, and hear a pile of statements that caesarean section is not as good as natural birth. Naturally, they are very disgusted. Therefore, some words of the puerpera can be held in the heart, without the need for outsiders, especially for doctors to say too much. < / P > < p > similar related words, if a puerpera wants to say it again, she has to shut up. It’s not good for people or themselves. Don’t ask questions about yourself and your family. If you feel nervous and anxious during delivery, you can try to shift your attention, observe the things around you, listen to what the nurses are talking about, and recall some happy things. In short, don’t let your spirit be in a high state of tension. Relax and ease your fear, which is more conducive to production. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not