Son’s car was sitting by the dog, no matter how to pull down, dog: I am also a baby!

If there are more than two children in the family, there will be quarrels! Because they don’t understand a lot of comity, they know to fight for what belongs to them, which is a headache for their parents. In fact, not only between the children, sometimes your pet and the children, but also because of the fight and fight!

there is a netizen who has a dog at home and a son. This day, netizens were resting at home, and suddenly heard his son crying. Netizens to the living room to see, it was the dog sitting on the top of his son’s car, and now the son wants to sit on it, but the dog refused to come down, and the son did not have the strength to pull it down, so he could only stand there and cry!

but it’s no use crying any more! The dog is still sitting in the car, there is no meaning to get down! See their distinct expression contrast, netizens can’t help but laugh! I didn’t expect to see children and pets fighting for things and get angry one day! Dog: small shovel excrement, let me sit for a while! It’s no use crying, I’m still a baby!