Soothe Oily Acne, skin dry sensitive skin, skin also want to break away!

In the face of the situation is constantly, let the head bald oil pox muscle and dry sensitive skin, why continue to supplement nutrition to the skin, also did not see improvement? Sometimes too rich nutrition will make the skin unable to breathe, and skin problems such as acne and skin reddening will follow. Quickly “pick out” skin care products with sister Ba to help the skin “break away from home”!

the reason for oil and acne on the face is that the water and oil state of the skin is not balanced. Water shortage or excessive skin care products lead to the vigorous oil secretion, which thickens the cuticle, and the oil hidden in the pores can not be discharged normally, which turns into greasy acne muscle over time.

at this time, we need to simplify the steps of skin care: regulating the balance of water and oil + intensive water supplement + relieving and calming, and appropriately reducing the burden on the skin, so as to better self repair.

the texture of water and oil is very suitable for oil acne. It comes with black technology bubble stick. Before using it, shake it vigorously for about 7 times until the liquid turns milky white and small bubbles can be seen. Don’t be afraid of trouble. Only when you mix the water and oil fully, activate the essence microcapsule, will your face not be irritation and stuffy pox, and help maintain the balance of water and oil. Soak the cotton pad with Aurora water, gently wipe the T-zone and forehead of Aiyou oil, and pat the cheek with your hand. You can feel the skin becomes bright and shiny. However, wet compress is not recommended.

with translucent gel texture, the face is very refreshing and easy to absorb. It can fully replenish water and control the oil secretion, reduce the oily luster on the skin surface. The Oily Acne muscles will not feel burdensome when used, and can also help soothe acne and relieve redness. Because it contains alcohol, it is more suitable for oil skin sisters. It is not recommended that the small partners with thin cuticle choose it. The small partners with T-zone oil and dry cheek can only apply the oil prone parts!

the texture of Pink Cream is very good. It is very comfortable and moist to apply on the face. There will be no card pattern and powder after applying makeup for one night. The water replenishing effect visible to the naked eye can make the skin elastic and transparent all day long!

dry sensitive skin is a condition that occurs when the cuticle of the skin is thin or damaged. When the barrier is weakened, the skin’s defense against the external environment and some irritants will be greatly reduced, resulting in redness, sensitivity, dryness and peeling.

the texture is slightly sticky, but the upper face is not greasy. It can well wrap the surface layer of skin, help fully replenish water, and strengthen and repair the skin barrier. It is suitable for dry skin. For daily cleansing, take the right amount of essence in the palm of your hand, rotate your hands together, top to bottom, press from inside to outside, then rub your hands in hot cheeks for a few seconds, and the skin becomes tender and smooth throughout the process.

cream has a smooth, thin silk surface and will not be oily. It will replenish the skin and firmly lock the moisture and enhance the skin’s self repairing ability. When smearing, massage from the cheek to the outside, apply evenly, adhere to use, can smooth the dry, ease the sensitive redness, let the skin from the inside to the outside emit luster.

the texture is light and not greasy, the upper face will not have strong cold feeling, and the skin seems to be wrapped by Lotus bubbles. It contains the essence of kenzoki lotus and mirabilis mirabilis, which can nourish and care the skin, repair the skin well at night, and smooth the rough feeling of the skin. It can also be used as a common skin care mask, coated with a thick layer, about 15 minutes or so, so that the skin becomes bright and soft. 2