“Sorry to catch the wrong”, the delivery room Duanzi hands a face, angry maternal want to jump up and hit

And the maternal is even more, the original birth is very afraid, coupled with the delivery room so cold, few maternal can keep calm, most of them are very nervous. < / P > < p > however, the most taboo thing for pregnant women to have children is tension. If they can’t relax all the time, accidents may occur in the process of delivery, leading to dystocia or postpartum hemorrhage. < / P > < p > at this time, midwives and nurses are very important. If you can meet some humorous doctors, the labor process will be much smoother. < / P > < p > Xiaofen’s biggest regret when she was a child was that she didn’t have a brother, so she chose a son and a daughter during the test tube period. Xiaofen wanted to be a brother and sister very much, so she chose caesarean section. < / P > < p > on the day of delivery, Xiao Fen also asked the doctor to catch the male treasure first. When the doctor heard Xiao Fen’s words, he laughed and didn’t speak. Xiao Fen thought it was safe, but didn’t expect it was not the case at all. < / P > < p > during the operation, Xiao Fen clearly felt that the doctor had caught a child. As soon as Xiao Fen wanted to ask, he heard the doctor say, “I’m sorry, I caught the wrong child. Would you like to put it back and start over?” < / P > < p > although the doctor apologized in his words, his face was innocent and angry. Xiaofen knew that she had met a delivery room playwright. Angry Xiaofen wanted to jump up and hit someone, but the anesthetic made her weak. < / P > < p > at this time, the doctor can’t let the puerpera relax directly. After all, it’s in vain. In that case, the puerpera can’t relax at all. At this time, the best way is someone can adjust the atmosphere, and the delivery room doctor is that person. < / P > < p > in the communication with the puerpera, or in the process of operation, say some humorous words, can let the puerpera relax, and once the puerpera relax, the labor process will be more smooth. < / P > < p > during delivery, if the puerpera still looks serious when they see the doctor, they will feel nervous involuntarily. However, if the doctor can make jokes with humor, the puerpera will relax unintentionally. After all, the doctor still has the mind to make jokes, which proves that everything is going well. To a certain extent, it is also a psychological hint to the puerpera. < / P > < p > although there are many humorous obstetricians, not all pregnant women can meet them. For the sake of smooth labor process and the health of themselves and the fetus, pregnant women had better relax themselves. < / P > < p > although pregnant women are vulnerable, they are not so vulnerable that they can’t move. For the sake of themselves and the fetus, it’s better for pregnant women to exercise if they can. < / P > < p > when the pregnant mother is exercising, the fetus in her stomach will also be affected, and the constitution will gradually become healthy, and the pregnant mother’s body will become better and better, and the delivery will be more smooth. < / P > < p > maternal fear of childbirth, on the one hand, is because of fear of pain, and on the other hand, because they don’t know anything, they are always afraid of hands and feet, afraid of this and that, but in fact, childbirth is not as terrible as everyone imagined. < / P > < p > pregnant women can learn more knowledge during pregnancy, so that they will not only know those terrible things, but also understand more comprehensively, and their fear will be reduced a lot. < / P > < p > when you have depression in your heart, what you fear most is to be depressed in your heart. Especially pregnant women are sentimental due to endocrine reasons. If you don’t express bad emotions in time, you are prone to depression. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers should not focus all their attention on childbirth. They can pay more attention to other things around them, which can also relieve tension. < / P > < p > when giving birth, the most taboo is nervousness. Once pregnant women are too nervous, doctors will have a headache, especially those pregnant women who don’t get oil and salt. If they don’t listen to what the doctors say, they will enter a dead cycle and increase the risk to the pregnant women and the fetus. In fact, in the final analysis, the most important thing is that the psychological quality of the pregnant women themselves is excellent. 2