South Korea has issued a plan to deal with the epidemic situation, including candidates should wear masks, etc

Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the Korean college entrance examination this year, which has been postponed for one month in December 3rd. In order to successfully carry out this year’s college entrance examination, the Ministry of education of South Korea recently issued a “response plan for the smooth development of the 2021 national college entrance examination”. The contents include that candidates must wear masks, place translucent partitions on each test table, and arrange new crown confirmed candidates to take examinations in designated hospitals.

according to South Korea’s report on the 4th, the Ministry of education submitted a “response plan for the smooth development of the 2021 national college entrance examination” at a state conference held on the 3rd. According to the plan, starting one week before the college entrance examination, all senior high schools and examination schools will be converted to remote teaching mode, so that relevant departments can make preparations for epidemic prevention. The novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnostic candidate will enter the designated hospital 3 weeks before the college entrance examination and take the exam in the hospital on the day of the college entrance examination. In addition, two additional examination rooms will be arranged in each test area for candidates in the self isolation period. It is reported that each classroom in the additional examination room can accommodate up to four candidates. If candidates are unable to travel to the examination room by private car during self isolation period, local governments will provide ambulance service. The government will provide free new coronavirus testing to the staff who supervise the examination of the confirmed and quarantined candidates.

on the day of the college entrance examination, candidates must wear masks throughout the examination and place translucent partitions on each test table. “This year’s college entrance examination, the biggest variable about the state of candidates is epidemic prevention measures.”. This year, it will be inconvenient for examinees to wear masks throughout the course of this year, and the change of the examination environment is an important variable affecting the examinee’s state of taking the examination on the same day. Therefore, many college entrance examination experts suggest that examinees should do simulation exercises at home to adapt themselves to the examination environment. According to reports, a total of 493433 South Korean candidates took part in the college entrance examination this year, about 55000 less than last year.

the Ministry of education also plans to send letters to local government agencies and enterprises, asking them to assist the government and adjust the working hours on the day of the college entrance examination to after 10:00, and transportation units such as subway, urban rail and bus will also increase the number of trains and extend the operating hours so that candidates can take them. In addition, during the English listening test from 1:10 p.m. to 1:35 p.m., aircraft take-off and landing will be prohibited, and the army will also be prohibited from carrying out artillery firing and other training. Focus