South Korea’s minister of Education: the date of South Korea’s college entrance examination remains unchanged and will be held on December 3

South Korea’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of education Yu Yinhui said on the 16th local time that the time for the national college entrance examination will still be held on December 3, according to South Korea.

it is reported that Yu Yinhui said at a press conference on “follow up measures for the education sector after the adjustment of social distance to the second stage” on the afternoon of 16th, that “the university study ability examination will be held on December 3” in South Korea, and “the plan has not changed”.

Yu Yinhui said: “in order to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination, we will make a thorough preparation” and “we will make a comprehensive judgment according to the future development, and we will also prepare alternative schemes that can be adopted when necessary”. 08/16/2020