“South Korea’s most beautiful dentist” Li Xiuzhen, 51 years old, still adhere to fitness training, strong body does not lose her daughter

Age has always been a taboo topic for women. Especially older women, they are more sensitive to their own age. Therefore, due to the requirements of politeness and etiquette, we try our best to avoid the problem of age and weight when we talk with female friends. Keeping young and delaying aging have also become eternal topics among women. < p > < p > time goes by so fast that we don’t have any feelings for each of us, but there are exceptions to everything. Today, we come to know Li Xiuzhen, a goddess of frozen age from South Korea. Although she is 51 years old, she is very slim and slim, and her skin is as tender and white as a girl. Taking a picture with her daughter in the same frame, she is said to be like a sister It doesn’t look like a mother and daughter at all! < p > < p > in 1993, Li Xiuzhen successfully graduated from Seoul University in South Korea and became an excellent dentist. At that time, Li Xiuzhen was a goddess on campus. Her symmetrical long legs, slender A4 waist and sexy waistcoat line were full of young girl’s vitality. Regardless of her figure, face or temperament, she could be regarded as a human beauty. < / P > < p > maybe many people will wonder why Liu Xiuzhen can still maintain such a fresh state after she is over 50 years old? According to Li Xiuzhen herself, she was very fond of all kinds of sports since she was a child. She dabbled in swimming, running and yoga. Later, after getting in touch with fitness, Liu Xiuzhen’s path of shaping and beautifying the body became wider and wider. Even during her childbirth, she also insisted on exercising, including aerobic fat reduction and strength building. < p > < p > < p > strict requirements on themselves have created a 50 year old high beauty. It is difficult for you to capture the traces of years in Liu Xiuzhen’s body. Even if you take a picture with your 23-year-old daughter, you are also confident, because beauty and figure are placed there. When sharing her youth secrets, Liu Xiuzhen said with pride: “you always keep good fitness habits, and you will take out a certain amount every week If you can stick to it for 10 years, you will see a change! “. < / P > < p > the aging of human body is mainly due to the loss of muscle and bone. The decline of muscle makes you lose strength, while the loss of bone calcium makes your bone mineral density decrease, osteoporosis and youth disappear. The most correct way is to keep training and keep fit. You can train three to five times a week to maintain the metabolic level of the body and maintain the hormone secretion at a certain point, which can naturally be maintained for a long time Youth < / P > < p > turn the right side, put your left arm and shoulder downward against the cushion surface, palm up, hip still raised, right hand up, cat twist start, keep the right hip gently pull back. To feel the right groin circle push back, pelvis does not move, try to make your navel up to find the right side of the waist, lower shoulder push the ground, the upper fingertips upward, after finishing, slowly restore the quadruped kneeling support. < / P > < p > let the buttocks sit on the heels, release the pressure of the lower back and keep the abdomen contraction all the time. We are ready to enter the knee chest posture, open the knees, close the big toes, and close the abdomen. Put your hands forward, chest, armpit, chin to find the floor, let the whole leg vertical on the cushion surface, and keep the three groups breathing. Keep the abdomen closed all the time, lengthen the whole abdominal muscle line, push the hands down and forward gently, let the power transfer from fingertips to pelvis, the outer side of shoulder sinks downward, and the tiger mouth presses downward to maintain the contraction of pelvis. Gently lift, let the sitting bone look for the sky, and the armpit continuously looks for the floor. < / P > < p > keep the abdomen contracted, look at the left shoulder backward, inhale back, extend the chest, lengthen the spine, and maintain the length of the spine. Exhale to the right, slowly inhale back to the right, lengthen the whole abdomen, always keep the body extended, let the body slowly downward prone, deep breathing adjustment. < / P > < p > time is reserved for those who are prepared. If you muddle along, time will perfunctorily perfunctorily. If you persist in working hard, time will also show a gentle side, grasp time and grasp yourself. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so