Specially told her husband to prepare a waiting bag, opened to the hospital after the pregnant mother speechless: what do you think?

The “making” of a pregnant mother is not what ordinary people can bear. Her mood is changeable. She cries whenever she says it. Her taste is tricky. She has to eat hot pot in the middle of the night and makes trouble without reason. Other people’s breathing is wrong.

as the person beside the bed, the father to be is naturally the biggest “victim”, but there is nothing wrong with this. After all, the pregnant mother is pregnant with the “crystallization of love” of two people. The woman who suffers for you must be favored.

as the last kilometer of the Long March, the father to be must stand on the last post, and never be caught by the pregnant mother because of his negligence.

when Xiao Li checked the information on the Internet, she saw that people said they would prepare a waiting bag, so she said to her husband. Unexpectedly, her husband, who has always been afraid of trouble, volunteered this time that he would like to prepare.

looking at her husband’s confident appearance, Xiao Li also thought of his carelessness. After thinking about it, she still left the “heavy responsibility” to her husband. Because she was not at ease, she specially told her husband several times.

for several days in a row, her husband would receive several express parcels every day, and he also vowed that the package he prepared for delivery must be safe and sound!

on that day, Xiao Li found that she had broken water when she was at home. The family carried the waiting bag and rushed to the hospital. Looking at a large bag full of them, Xiao Li also praised her husband: it was reliable at last!

it’s full of milk bottles, milk powder, diapers, baby’s clothes and quilts. In a word, her husband brought all the useful and useless articles to her, while Xiao Li didn’t even have a toothbrush.

the “waiting for delivery bag” has become the standard configuration now. Almost all the puerperas who go to the hospital to give birth have one, but the things in it are different from each other. How can we have a complete and non chicken rib waiting bag? That’s enough.

including: birth permit, account book, ID card, social security card, bank card, prenatal examination results or medical records during pregnancy, etc. Put these documents in a folder in advance and keep them at hand.

it is worth noting that each hospital has its specific requirements, and the required certificates will be different. It is better for pregnant mothers and their families to consult more during the delivery examination.

1. Clothing: two sets of cotton pajamas, disposable underwear, slippers, tie belt, hat, mask, and thick clothes for discharge.

2. Sanitary products: knife paper, toilet paper, nursing pad, anti overflow milk pad, drinking cup with straw, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush, washbasin, etc.

including: quilt, newborn clothes; diapers, baby special cotton swab, wet paper towel; milk bottle, milk powder, milk powder brush.

these supplies are too trivial. If a pregnant mother wants to buy one by one, it is really too troublesome and easy to miss. In October angel’s package, there are 19 pieces of maternal and infant supplies, none of which is “chicken ribs”. All of them are necessary for labor, and the price is very suitable.