Spend 30 minutes training yoga, exercise shoulder and neck, comb cervical vertebra, can practice at home!

The soothing Yoga sequence seems simple, but the massage effect of the body can’t be underestimated. Take the more popular shoulder and neck extension as an example. It seems that core strength and body flexibility are not used. It seems that waving and turning the head are so casual, but the effect of simple movements is not small!

we all know that the sedentary behavior of contemporary office workers is very unhealthy. If we keep sitting and standing posture for a long time, our lumbar spine, spine and cervical spine have received great challenges, especially our cervical spine, which has many capillaries. If the same action is maintained for a long time, the muscles will become stiff, and the tight muscles will affect the blood circulation, causing shoulder and neck pain, and at the same time My head is heavy. So in the busy work, we must take time to seize the exercise, is a small twist of the shoulder and neck is a good way.

you may be very busy every day and can’t find time to go to a yoga studio or gym. But the four yoga postures we’re going to explain today are very simple. You can complete a sequence of exercises in 30 minutes. These positions can help you to move your neck, open your shoulders, strengthen the muscle strength of your neck, back and arms after your lunch break or when you go home in the evening. You can follow the rhythm of your breath when practicing, and you will be relaxed all over your body.

clasp your hands with ten fingers, lift your right knee upward, wrap your hands around your right leg, and let your left foot sink steadily to straighten your spine. Gently hold the outside of your right knee with your left hand, and twist your body to the right when you exhale. Point the right arm behind you, try to look at the right hand or the fixed point on the floor, keep breathing, strongly extend the left knee, slightly retract the lower abdomen, straighten the back, extend the chest upward, exhale for the last time, withdraw the right hand, turn the body forward, take back the right foot

inhale, the left leg backward and upward, lift the chest and neck, bend the left knee to touch the forehead when exhaling, Repeat the tiger pose, lift your chest and left leg up each time you exhale, and touch your forehead with your knees as you exhale. Try to keep your toes away from the ground, use your abdominal strength to lift the arch back, keep your body stable in the tiger style movement, exert force on the waist, abdomen, arms and legs, and exhale and close your abdomen and bow your head for the last time.

the knees are the same width as the pelvis, the toes are hooked back, exhale, let your left hand pass through the lower side of the right armpit, stretch to the right, slowly lower the left shoulder and left ear, bend the elbow, and clasp hands. Try to keep the forearm perpendicular to the ground, keep breathing here, fully twist the chest, release the neck during breathing, and the eyes can be straight ahead. Slowly open your right shoulder up, turn your chest to your right side more, exhale, land your right hand, and push your body back into the four corner bench position.

slowly lie on your back on the yoga mat, bend your knees, land your feet, spread your elbows, put your hands on both sides of your ears, bend your knees close to your chest, and place your knees on the floor on your left side when you exhale. The neck gently turns to the right, the eyes can look to the right elbow, and stay for 3 times deep breathing. The twisting exercise can help us massage the abdomen and enhance the operation of the abdominal organs.