Spend more than 30000 to sign up for “brain development” speed reading course for children

“The information input into the brain every minute is 100000-200000 words, and a 200 page book can be read in 15 minutes,” Qilu Evening News reported on November 1 When you see such propaganda materials, which parents will not be excited? In order to prevent children from losing on the starting line, many parents in Jinan spend more than 30000 yuan to sign up for the “brain development course” of “versi education” for their children. However, after a period of study, parents found that the children did not achieve the effect promised by the staff, and the parents proposed a refund, but they were rejected by the company. In 2019, Jinan citizen Liu Li accidentally came into contact with a course called brain development. “At that time, publicity materials said that in 15 minutes, she could read a 200 page book.” Liu said that to get better education for her children, she came to Tianqiao District, a company called Versace education, and spent more than 30000 yuan reporting “brain development courses”. The class is basically on Saturday and Sunday, “this course has no time limit. It is divided into stages, and my child will be on the last week.” Liu said that at first, the children have been in the Tianqiao District Campus, and later received a notice, the place of the class changed to the City Central District Campus. Although a little away from home, Liu Li insisted on sending her children to class. However, after a while, she found that the learning effect was not good, and she heard the same feedback from other parents. “After more than a year of children, the actual effect is different from that of the staff of Versace education. I think it is false propaganda. I later offered a refund, which found that the skybridge campus was closed. ” Liu said she found the city campus to apply for a refund, but was rejected, “they said I was not in the City Campus registration, let me find Tianqiao campus.” Liu Li is a little annoyed. She thinks Tianqiao campus and Shizhong campus are originally one, “all are brain development of versi education. Now Tianqiao campus is closed, but the two leaders are working in the middle campus. Besides, after the Tianqiao campus closed, we continued to attend class in the middle of the city campus, which means that the two campuses should be one. ” Liu said that, according to her understanding, some parents who registered in the middle of the city campus also refused to apply for a refund. Public Ma Liang told reporters that in 2019, he signed up for children in the middle school district of the city, and the learning effect was far from that publicized by Versace education, he offered a refund, “I have found many times, but the money is still not refunded.” Ma Liang introduced that he was named in the middle school district newspaper. Some parents signed up in Tianqiao campus. In the agreement signed with versi education, two campuses have different chapters. “The campus in the city covers Jinan Fansi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the money is also given to the company. But in the Tianqiao campus registration, the seal is Jinan Si fan Education Consulting Co., Ltd., money is to the versi education. ” Many parents, including Ma Liang and Liu Li, said they hoped that Versace education would give a statement and agree to refund. The reporter’s investigation on the Tianqiao campus and the middle campus of Fansi Education found that Jinan sifan Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in September 2017. In January 2019, the company changed its equity, legal person, director, etc., from Li, Wu, Yue to Zhang and Ding, and the company was cancelled in April this year. It is more than a month since then that Jinan Fansi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established. From january2019 to September 2020, the company has changed its directors and legal persons many times. Zhang and Ding of sifan company have finally changed to Du and Liang. Moreover, according to many parents, Zhang and Ding of sifan company are working in Fansi company. On the afternoon of October 29, the reporter came to Jinan Fansi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. to interview, “if the person in charge is not in place, please leave a phone number and contact you later.” One staff member said. After that, the reporter received a call from the person in charge of Jinan Fansi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the person in charge responded: “before, Tianqiao campus and the middle city campus were all direct businesses of Fansi education group, and then Tianqiao campus closed and the city middle campus was changed to join in September this year.” The responsible person said that after receiving the parents’ response, the company communicated with the parents many times. Before Tianqiao campus and the middle city campus were directly operated, the registration fees paid before were directly handed to versi education group. Now the company has become a franchise. If applying for refund, we can contact versi Education for treatment. As a franchise company, we can only coordinate. Before, the staff of education, market management, public security and other departments have been to the company, and we also explained the refund. The company and Versace education group have signed relevant franchise agreements. In order to facilitate handover, Versace education group arranged the original direct employees to help. Therefore, there is a situation where the employees of the direct campus work in our company before. Once the handover is completed, these employees will leave. After joining the company, the company is working hard to handle changes in legal person and business scope. ” The person in charge said. Focus