Sperm deformity rate is high, can you give birth to deformity?

Almost every time in the reproductive andrology clinic, there will be patients with semen test report, worried to ask me: “doctor, you see, my sperm deformity rate has reached 95%, so high, the children will not be healthy?” Also, “doctor, my wife had two times of embryo suspension before. Is it because my sperm deformity rate is too high? You see, it’s 94 percent. ”

according to the fifth edition of the standard, the reference value of normal morphology rate is ≥ 4%, and the normal morphology rate of sperm reported by the first two men’s semen tests is within the normal range.

the morphology of human sperm is diverse, which makes it difficult to evaluate. Sperm in the process of generation and maturation will be affected by many factors, head, neck, tail may appear abnormal morphology.

the fifth edition of who manual for human semen laboratory tests implements strict morphological standards, which strictly evaluates the appearance, length and proportion of sperm parts, and the standards are much stricter than the fourth edition.

in the fifth edition, the normal morphology rate is more than or equal to 4%, while the reference value of normal morphology rate in the fourth edition is more than or equal to 15%. According to the fifth edition of diagnostic criteria, even for men with normal fertility, the rate of normal sperm morphology is only 4% – 25%.

human reproduction is a process of survival of the fittest. Sperm will eliminate most of the abnormal sperm in the process of passing through the female reproductive tract, so as to ensure the quality of pregnant sperm. It can be said that every new life is one in a million.

most of sperm malformations are in the head. It is difficult for sperm with head malformations to penetrate zona pellucida of oocytes to cause pregnancy, because in order to penetrate zona pellucida, the acrosome of sperm head needs to release acrosin and dissolve zona pellucida to allow sperm to enter. Head deformities often cross the zona pellucida will be blocked.

although it has been proved that there is no inevitable causal relationship between dysspermia and abortion and birth deformity, it does not mean that dysspermia is not harmful, at least it will reduce the fertility of men, so it still needs to be paid attention to.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney deficiency, dampness and heat infusion or accompanied by blood stasis are the pathological basis of abnormal sperm excess, and traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicine can be used for syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Western medicine believes that the causes of high sperm deformity rate include infection, high temperature, radiation, some drugs, varicocele, heredity, etc. Western medicine commonly used anti infective drugs, antioxidant drugs and trace elements in the treatment of dysspermia.

the causes of neonatal malformations are complex and diverse, which may be caused by the internal factors of both men and women, such as chromosome and gene abnormalities, or by the external environmental influence suffered by the woman during pregnancy, such as pathogen infection, folic acid deficiency, iodine deficiency, excessive heavy metal, radiation, diseases and drugs.

the high rate of sperm malformation alone will not lead to the increase of abortion rate and fetal malformation rate, but if some patients with dysspermia have high sperm DNA fragmentation rate, chromosome abnormalities and other diseases at the same time, it may lead to the increase of abortion rate and fetal malformation rate.

it is difficult for a small number of patients with dysspermia to reduce the sperm deformity rate and natural fertility through the above treatment. Patients with mild to moderate dysspermia can obtain fertility through artificial insemination and the first generation of test tube baby. Patients with severe and very severe dysspermia need the second generation of test tube baby technology, which can obtain a higher fertility success rate. Focus