Spot on the face, is chloasma too ugly? The method of internal adjustment is here. I want to be beautiful secretly

Chloasma is a nightmare for beauty lovers. Because of its special pigment and metabolic characteristics, chloasma is difficult to remove once it is generated. Even if spend a lot of money to do laser and other medical means to remove chloasma, but also can not remove high recurrence rate of chloasma, but also easy to leave uneven scars.

chloasma is a high incidence rate of acquired pigmented skin disease. It has been improved for a period of time, but the recurrence rate is very high. Therefore, chloasma is also considered to be a difficult stain to remove.

as melasma is affected by many factors, and the etiology of chloasma is complex, each patient may not be exactly the same. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the cause of the patient to determine the treatment plan and curative effect, especially for those who want to use physical laser to remove the disease.

in the field of medicine, experts believe that there are four classic causes of chloasma, but it is difficult to say who is the leader of these four factors. In addition, in most cases, chloasma is usually caused by a variety of factors.

if people who have long chloasma are careful, they will find that if they are exposed to excessive sunlight in the sun, the color spots on their faces will become more serious, and there is an obvious “heavy summer and light winter”. Therefore, for chloasma patients, sunscreen is more important than the general population. The so-called “ten million pieces of skin care, sunscreen first, not in place, only two lines of tears.”.

chloasma is affected by human hormones, especially when the level of sex hormones is disordered, chloasma on the face will be added a lot. Especially after the birth of women, if the hormone in the body can not be adjusted, the face will grow a lot of chloasma.

in addition, in recent years, the number of male friends suffering from chloasma is also gradually increasing, so the level of sex hormone has a certain impact on the occurrence of male chloasma.

However, after experimental investigation, we found that although parents with chloasma will be inherited to the next generation, the severity of Chloasma in the next generation is still determined by the acquired lifestyle of the individual.

for patients with chloasma, doctors usually ask whether there are other diseases. Because other systemic diseases may play a very important role in the occurrence and development of chloasma. Therefore, although melasma is a facial defect, it is rooted in the interior. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce chloasma, we must mainly rely on internal regulation.

at present, there are many ways to remove Chloasma by internal adjustment, but the three main components such as selenium, vitamin C and nicotinamide play a major role.

among them, selenium can decompose and eliminate human cytochrome, enhance skin resistance to resist ultraviolet rays, repair damaged skin barrier and promote cell regeneration. Long term supplementation of selenium can not only help to discharge melanin, reduce chloasma, but also reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, which can largely avoid the regeneration of chloasma.

nicotinamide is not only a good whitening ingredient, but also the most common and more direct and effective substance to resist melanin precipitation. Oral administration can gradually disintegrate melanin precipitation from the inside out, and slowly decompose the melanin deposition formed on the skin surface layer, at the same time, it can prevent the emergence of new melanin precipitation, and then produce melasma.

if you are troubled by chloasma, you can eat more food containing selenium, vitamin C and nicotinamide, or you can choose to directly supplement selenium nicotinic acid C tablets. The selenium element in it exists in the form of yeast selenium, belonging to biological selenium, which is easier to be absorbed by human body and play a “black” role. 08/16/2020