Star couple insisted DINK 15 years, 45 years old regret decided to have a baby, netizen: fortunately wake up early

If it took courage for them to choose Dink, now more and more DINK families are around us, especially in the entertainment industry, many star couples will choose DINK.

among the star couples, Zhou Runfa, Liang Chaowei and Zhang Weijian, who are very familiar and loved by everyone, all choose DINK without exception. There are also stars such as park Shu and Zhou Xun, who are also strong supporters of DINK family.

whether it’s subjective or objective reasons, in short, they have always insisted on their choice. At least in our opinion, their life is still very happy.

her desire to be a mother is becoming more and more urgent, so 15 years after Dink, Sheran successfully got pregnant at the age of 45 and realized her wish to be a mother.

therefore, we generally suggest that it is best to have a child before the age of 30. Of course, elderly women can also have a child, but we must not ignore every prenatal examination, so as to ensure their own and fetal health.

during pregnancy, the diet of pregnant women is very important. On the one hand, we should let the fetus supplement enough nutrition, on the other hand, we should not eat too much meat and fish, so how to arrange the diet reasonably is a big problem for pregnant women.

in addition, the metabolism of the elderly puerpera is relatively slow. If they eat too much, they may have too much pressure on the body, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

elderly women need more rest during pregnancy, because only a good rest can make the fetus develop better. So the most important thing to avoid is to stay up late.

staying up late will not only damage the body of pregnant women, but also cause the fetus to be too excited. On the contrary, it is easy to have some problems such as umbilical cord around the neck, which is very harmful to the fetus.

although pregnancy is a woman’s business, as a family, we should listen to the opinions of the family and at least get the understanding and support of the other half.

if it is difficult for two people to reach a consensus, it will have a negative impact on the marriage, and it is easy to waver in the later stage, thus missing the best fertility period.

although there are more and more DINK families, they only occupy a small proportion in the whole society, and most people are still hard to accept DINK families.

because not only do you have to face other people’s gossip, but when you get older, you will feel very lonely when you see other people’s children and grandchildren around your knees, but you are alone. At this time, regret will only hurt you, because there is no way to recover.

so when you choose to be a DINK family, you must be very careful and try your best to consider all aspects of factors. Don’t make a decision rashly just because you have a hot head, otherwise you will regret it in the end. Luanban