“Starvation” of cancer cells may not be a rumor. Scientific fasting can inhibit tumor growth

“Hello, I saw an article on the Internet about the effective treatment of gastric cancer. The article pointed out that if you want to completely kill cancer cells, you must adopt a starvation therapy, that is, do not eat, starve cancer cells, so that they can not grow. I think many netizens have high evaluation on this method, but I still have a little doubt. Can the so-called starvation therapy really treat gastric cancer effectively? ” < / P > < p > < p > “starvation to death of cancer cells” is a common saying. Many people literally understand that if they don’t eat food or nutrition, they can’t survive cancer cells. However, they ignore that their own weak body makes the disease worse if they don’t eat. However, the scientific research on this aspect is rigorous and meticulous. Last year, the journal published a new discovery by the Duke University research team that in experiments, limiting the diet and intake of methionine can limit metabolism in mice and inhibit tumor growth. < p > < p > specifically, the researchers specially prepared a low methionine food for mice. The methionine content of the mice was only 0.12%, which was 14% of that of the normal mice food. After the mice ate such food for two days, the methionine related metabolism level in the body quickly decreased. At the same time, the tumor growth in mice was obviously limited. < / P > < p > the final conclusion of the study is that the effect of low methionine foods is not due to reduced calories, but to the effect of low methionine cycle. < / P > < p > experiments are carried out on animals. Can humans benefit? At least cancer patients want to know what methionine is, and how the human body usually ingests this kind of food? In fact, methionine is not a special substance. It is one of the amino acids, also known as methionine. It is one of the essential amino acids in human body. However, the human body can not synthesize methionine by itself and can only be obtained from outside. Methionine can be involved in protein synthesis. In addition, methionine is a key link in carbon metabolism, and the methylation of nucleotides is inseparable from methionine. At the same time, the tumor itself also has metabolism, the tumor will be methylated, so methionine is very important for tumor. < / P > < p > since controlling the intake of methionine can destroy the normal methylation of tumor, how can we achieve a low methionine diet? It’s not hard. Food with high methionine content is actually meat, egg and milk. We usually smell those fishy smell on meat, which is produced after the decomposition of sulfur-containing methionine. Methionine is also found in vegetables, fruits and grains, but the content is relatively low. In this way, people can understand that it seems feasible to starve cancer cells to death, but strictly speaking, the low intake of methionine inhibits the methylation within the tumor, thus inhibiting the normal metabolism and growth of the tumor. This way is not to prevent people from eating, but to reduce the intake of meat, eggs and milk. < / P > < p > for example, for a cancer patient after surgery, his daily diet can be based on food, vegetables, fruits and fruits. Meat, eggs and milk are not absolutely not consumed, but reduced. Can eat meat or eggs at intervals, usually with staple food and vegetable food. < p > < p > cancer patients need to pay attention to the fact that after the initial recovery of a serious illness, various functions of the body are in a state of severe decline, and their digestive capacity is weak. Therefore, the food should be light and easy to digest. Some vegetables and fruits can be made into juice to eat, staple food can also be made into liquid food, in this way, not only can ensure nutrition, but also can ensure the absorption of food. < / P > < p > in addition, cancer patients may as well take the form of eating less and more meals, so as not to bring too much burden to the gastrointestinal tract, but also to ensure the intake of body nutrition. However, to be specific, the condition and physical recovery of cancer patients vary from person to person, and it is still necessary for patients and their families to explore which way to eat properly. In short, we should not stick to the old ways, but adapt to circumstances. < / P > < p > in addition, it should be noted that although research can prove that low methionine intake can inhibit tumor growth, people should know that inhibition of growth does not eliminate cancer cells. In other words, this food improvement is an adjuvant therapy in the process of cancer treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, cancer patients should be given priority to real medical treatment, instead of relying on the change of food structure. In general, the composition of body nutrients and the synthesis of various nutrients require the participation of food intake. Which substances are useful to the body and which substances can participate in the fight against diseases always exist. Therefore, when the disease really occurs, the change of diet structure will have some good auxiliary effects, but it is the regular army of medicine that can really combat the disease. We should not put the cart before the horse. Focus