Stigmatize Chinese food? Who in the face is the “monosodium glutamate syndrome” invented by Americans?

In the United States as far away as the Western Hemisphere, an American little brother secretly added monosodium glutamate to food, and the plain food immediately got obvious “sublimation”, as if it added beauty to the food, but also let friends not sigh:

mainly came from 1968, when an authoritative magazine published an article, the article wrote that a doctor found himself always thirsty after eating Chinese food And so they invented a word – “Chinese restaurant syndrome.”.

later, many Americans believed that monosodium glutamate was the culprit for the increase of hypertension, obesity, cancer and other diseases. They think that this is with Chinese food in the production process, adding a kind of “monosodium glutamate” seasoning.

it’s not just Chinese restaurant syndrome. Rumors about monosodium glutamate have never stopped in the health care industry. Rumors about what monosodium glutamate can kill essence and cause cancer are very popular. Many people believe it and give up adding monosodium glutamate to food.

if we have to make a fuss, even if MSG really causes dry mouth and dry tongue, we can’t say it is Chinese restaurant syndrome, because the origin of MSG is not in China.

in 1908, it was studied by Japanese biochemistry expert Professor Ikeda jumiao. Its scientific name is “sodium glutamate”, which is the sodium salt in glutamic acid.

the delicious food is mainly due to free glutamic acid. The reason why Cantonese always like to add shrimp, mushrooms, corn, etc. when making soup, the main reason is that they contain high glutamate, which makes the soup more delicious.

since this ingredient can increase the delicious taste of food, Japanese began to produce it in large quantities. When it was introduced to China, it was named “monosodium glutamate”.

instead, rice, millet and other grains are used as raw materials. After repeated processing, they become crystals purchased now. They are not the “chemicals” you imagine.

the rumor that monosodium glutamate can cause cancer is mainly because during the heating process of monosodium glutamate, especially when the food temperature exceeds 120 ℃, sodium pyroglutamate will be produced. Health practitioners believe that the ingredient is carcinogenic. Then think of the MSG instructions: it is suggested that food should be added before leaving the pot. Naturally, it is associated with cancer.

However, according to many years of clinical investigation, sodium pyroglutamate is not a carcinogen, and there are no clinical experiments and studies that show that it is carcinogenic.

for the monosodium glutamate panic, related research is also in progress. The US FDA has carried out a follow-up experiment on monosodium glutamate for 50 years, and it has not found that monosodium glutamate has a negative impact on human body.

as early as 1959, the FDA listed monosodium glutamate as “generally considered safe”, while the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization also classified monosodium glutamate as the “safest” category in 1987.

in fact, sodium glutamate is sodium salt, just like the salt we eat every day. So if you eat too much monosodium glutamate, you will naturally become thirsty. Drinking some water can relieve it.

but the problem is that monosodium glutamate can increase the taste of food, the taste of food will become better, and people’s appetite will increase. If you eat too much, you will naturally lead to obesity, and obesity will increase various cardiovascular diseases.

according to clinical animal experiments, neither monosodium glutamate itself nor sodium pyroglutamate produced by monosodium glutamate has caused pathological changes in the reproductive organs of animals.

Finally, I would like to remind you that although monosodium glutamate will not directly cause cancer, if it is put in a large amount, it will also have an impact on the body, which is mainly due to “excessive sodium”. Luanban