Still staying up late during pregnancy? This is to hurt the baby, watch still dare to sleep so late?

It can be seen that insomnia in pregnancy is not strange, but insomnia now does have a certain impact on the pregnant mother’s body, and will continue to have hypertension, depression during pregnancy and premature delivery. So, from now on, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to themselves, especially sleep. Today, we will talk about how to deal with insomnia. Some pregnant mothers have not been sick and vomiting in the daytime, but once they arrive at night, this situation will intensify and affect sleep is expected. When pregnant women get up in the morning, they can eat less snacks like bread, biscuits, cereal and so on, which can also relieve nausea and nausea. The cramp will occur in the lower leg, which is more common: because of the continuous growth of the fetus, the weight of pregnant mother will increase, and the weight to be borne by the legs will be greater. As the stomach grows, the uterus will gradually move forward, which will keep the pregnant mother’s back in a tight state, and then she will have the discomfort of back pain and sleep restlessly. It is difficult for some pregnant mothers who have rhinitis to sleep. However, in the late pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will snore. It is not surprising that the weight of pregnant mothers increases and the nasal congestion will also affect. If the nasal congestion is very serious and sleep is delayed, pregnant women can try to use the Anti Snoring patch, which can play a role of dredging, and also help improve the sleeplessness of pregnant mothers. In ancient times, people made their work at sunrise and died at sunset. They lived in a very regular and healthy way. It can be seen that this sentence is reasonable and in line with the natural law. Nowadays, many pregnant mothers still insist on staying up on the first line of staying up late. They sleep late at night and can’t get up in the morning. It is just that the day and night turn upside down. This will be a disadvantage for themselves and babies. It is very important for pregnant mothers to keep a relaxed and happy mood during pregnancy, especially before they are ready to go to bed, so as to relax their mood and avoid external stimulation and cause tension and discomfort. Generally speaking, there are many women drinking water before they go to bed and edema will occur the next day. For pregnant women, the increasing uterus will squeeze the pregnant woman’s bladder. The urination will also increase and the number of toilet visits will increase. So frequent desire to go to the toilet is also a major cause of insomnia for pregnant mothers. After pregnancy, due to the influence of hormones and hormones in pregnant mothers, they will become unstable emotionally and easily affected by gains and losses. Many things will be considered, such as things after the birth of the child. It is not 90 degree lateral sleep, but the body is 30-45 degree side sleeping. You can also choose a U-type pillow suitable for your pregnant women to support your waist and abdomen, so as to sleep easily. Some pregnant mothers will consider more, and they will not use the pillow after the end of production. In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about it. U-shaped pillows can also be used as baby toys because of their peculiar appearance. In general, staying up late in pregnancy is not advisable. It is better to keep a scientific and correct sleep for the sake of their own and baby’s health. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE