Stomach bad people, food can not be disorderly to eat, there are four kinds of food if you can avoid, the stomach will be better

People often say that the stomach is not good. It seems to be a common disease in the general population. Many people have felt stomach pain, bloating and other stomach discomfort. To say it is stomach disease, it should not be, so most of them have not caused too much attention. In fact, stomach discomfort is very easy to produce, and it is not necessarily a stomach disease. May be a cold, or infection caused by a short-term stomach discomfort, after conditioning and rest can be restored. However, some gastric discomfort may last for a long time and occur frequently. Such stomach discomfort should go to the hospital to see, in case of gastritis and other chronic diseases, delay treatment, injury to the body. < / P > < p > we often hear that the treatment of stomach diseases depends on nutrition, and diet therapy can be used. Indeed, diet therapy can assist the treatment of some stomach diseases, but it is not the whole treatment of stomach diseases. The specific symptoms and severity of stomach discomfort should be considered before symptomatic treatment. < / P > < p > in fact, not only do you need to eat to nourish your stomach, but also you can eat stomach diseases. It is because of many bad eating habits in our lives that lead to repeated injuries to the stomach and eventually develop into stomach diseases. < / P > < p > we often talk about stimulating food. Nowadays, people tend to eat food with strong taste and full stimulation. Such as spicy, very salty food. It’s really true that it’s not spicy. However, while enjoying the delicious food, the stomach is also under great pressure. First of all, irritant food will damage the gastric mucosa. If the stomach is not good, the gastric mucosa is fragile, and it is in the repair stage. At this time, stimulation is not a good thing to repair. Secondly, these irritant foods will stimulate the stomach to secrete excessive acid, which will damage the stomach. < / P > < p > the stomach is not good, eat less difficult to digest food. Since the stomach is bad, we can’t eat and drink. We have to make a plan for everything we eat. The stomach can’t hold all the food, such as some hard to digest food. The stomach is not good, and the digestive function is also greatly weakened. At this time, eating some hard to digest food, such as a large amount of meat, greasy food, etc., will increase the burden on the stomach. The stomach may not be able to digest these foods for a long time, which is not conducive to the recovery of the stomach. < / P > < p > eat less raw and cold food. If the stomach is not good, try to eat less raw and cold food. You should always maintain your stomach and avoid getting cold. Raw and cold food will cause too much stimulation to the stomach, increase the burden of the stomach, stimulate the stomach to secrete too much acid. The gastric mucosa in the repair stage is more difficult to repair after receiving more gastric acid stimulation. Second, raw cold food is generally difficult to digest, eating more will also cause stomach discomfort. Don’t drink if you have a bad stomach. It’s easy to think of the liver for the harm of alcohol to the body. But the stomach is also directly stimulated by alcohol organs, the stomach will absorb a lot of alcohol, thus causing damage to itself. Alcohol in the stomach will also stimulate the stomach, gastric mucosa by alcohol stimulation not only can not recover, but also may damage more seriously, aggravating the disease. It can be seen that stomach health and diet are inseparable. If you want a healthy stomach, you should not only pay attention to diet therapy, but also pay attention to some food taboos in life, so as to avoid the damage to the stomach. 08/16/2020