Stop eating these six kinds of meat immediately. It has been listed as “blacklist” by doctors. It’s too dangerous!

According to modern medical analysis, chickens will eat substances containing harmful heavy metals when pecking. These heavy metals are mainly stored in brain tissue. The older the chicken is, the more storage will be, and the stronger the toxicity will be. There are two kinds of glands on the buttocks of chickens, one is the tail fat gland, the other is the bursa cava. If the treatment is clean, such chicken buttocks can be eaten, but the chicken buttocks contain too much fat, so it is not recommended to eat a large number or many times. < / P > < p > how to deal with chicken buttocks correctly: pay attention to remove the two balls on the inside of the skin of chicken buttocks, namely lymph, when eating, so that they can be eaten. < p > < p > generally speaking, it is a little long to store in the household refrigerator for more than half a year. This kind of meat has exceeded the safe edible period, which not only has poor taste and nutrition loss, but also has health risks. Macrophages in lymph glands can phagocytize bacteria, viruses and even carcinogens. Although it can be swallowed, but it can not be decomposed, so the bird’s sharp wing is a “dirty” warehouse. < / P > < p > pay special attention to the skin of neck. Because the neck, is the concentrated part of lymph glands, may contain some pathogens, cell debris, metabolic waste and other foreign bodies that are too late to decompose. < / P > < p > in theory, the possibility of residual harmful substances is higher than that of meat. < / P > < p > the processed meat contains a certain amount of nitrite, which may produce trace carcinogen nitrosamine. Preservatives and colorants may be added, which will increase the burden of liver and kidney, damage the renal function, and eat too much also has the risk of cancer. 08/17/2020