Strange pneumonia is a fatal disease! The British man was lucky to come to Shanghai for medical treatment, and the flag was very foreign

Recently, the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine of Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to medical school of Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully treated a foreign patient. On the day of discharge, Chris, a British patient, accompanied by his family, sent a banner. It said, “you see us at our worst, we see you at your best.”

when Chris came to Li Qingyun, director of the respiratory and critical care medicine department of Ruijin Hospital a week ago, his condition was very bad. Chest pain, low fever, cough, and some gas were not enough. The oxygen saturation was only 90%. He has been in many hospitals for more than half a month, but his condition has not improved.

it’s a strange disease. At the beginning of July, Chris, who worked in Nanjing, felt tingling pains in his chest. He checked it out and said it was pleurisy. After hanging salt water for two days, he was discharged from hospital. Everything seemed to be going well. Did not think, not a few days, chest pain seems to ease, but chest CT found that the scope of pneumonia expanded. After several adjustments, Chris’s situation is getting worse.

“this patient started with chest pain, fever and cough, and white blood cells and other inflammatory indicators were significantly increased. On the surface, the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia was considered first, but after strong antibiotic treatment, inflammatory indicators and lung imaging were still improved.”

he felt something strange – uneven consolidation in the right lower lung, poor oxygenation and abnormal elevation of D-dimer in blood examination. His keen observation and rich experience told him that this was definitely not ordinary pneumonia, but pulmonary embolism.

for this reason, Li Qingyun made a very careful inquiry: have you ever had a long journey? Have you ever had a fracture? Whether there is a family history, whether to stay at home during the epidemic, etc. Finally, in Chris’s account, he found a detail: the patient had two months of work at home during the epidemic, lack of outdoor activities, and work pressure, unable to have a good rest. For this reason, he highly suspected that Chris’s disease was pulmonary embolism, which was fatal and could not be delayed for a moment!

time is life! Li Qingyun immediately opened the green channel of pulmonary embolism, admitted Chris to the intensive care unit, started anticoagulant therapy immediately, and ordered to arrange pulmonary artery CT angiography as soon as possible. The results of CTPA confirmed Li Qingyun’s previous inference that Chris had pulmonary embolism, and if it was delayed for another day or two, the consequences would be unimaginable.

how dangerous is pulmonary embolism? Pulmonary embolism, the full name of acute pulmonary thromboembolism, is one of the most dangerous emergencies. Some patients with pulmonary embolism died before reaching the hospital for treatment. Li Qingyun said that if the patient is not diagnosed and treated in time, the pulmonary artery occlusion will further aggravate, the blood flow gas exchange will deteriorate, and severe hypoxia will occur. The organs of the whole body will fail due to hypoxia for a long time, leading to shock and eventually death.

Chris never dreamed that there was such a dangerous disease hidden behind the small “pneumonia”. However, the medical team of respiratory and critical care medicine made great efforts to turn the tide, making all the indicators of Chris normal in a short week!

after getting out of danger, Chris praised the doctors of Ruijin Hospital for their “golden eyes”. However, in addition to his superb medical skills, Ruijin hospital doctors also have a very high quality in the field of culture, which impressed him deeply.

in the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, Li Qingyun and the respiratory medical team communicated with Chris in English. Li Qingyun’s skillful English has narrowed the distance between the patient and Chris. When he learned that Li Qingyun had just returned from the Wuhan anti epidemic front line, his admiration was aroused. He was glad that he had come to the right hospital and found the right doctor!

“once the language is understood, the patient will feel very kind, which helps to relieve anxiety and remove the gap between doctors and patients.” Li Qingyun, a veteran of apricot forest for many years. In the daily treatment, if you can give the patient a few words of his hometown dialect, the patient will feel cordial and trust. As Li Qingyun said: “the most important thing in medical humanities is communication.”

after his recovery, Chris, who had escaped the disaster, sat in the hospital bed, thinking about how to thank his Savior. After consulting with his wife, sending a banner may be the best way. “You see us at our worst, we see you at your best” is a philosophical sentence that Chris thought of himself. He spent two days in his hospital bed. Chris said the experience completely overturned his understanding of Chinese doctors – it’s very model! “I hope the world can hear more from China and see the image of Chinese doctors represented by Ruijin.” Pets