Stray cat’s curly hair looks like Teddy’s, and even her beard is Q’s cute. I want to feel it

Unlike dogs, cats are usually known for their straight, fluffy hair, which is one of the most unique characteristics of most felines. However, there is a special breed of cat called selkeck curly cat, which looks very different from the typical cat we are used to.

the selkeck curly cat has the most angelic curly hair, a stout body, a short tongue and a round head. Meet these four furry kittens from Switzerland, Tony, Manny, Sosa and Elvira. They look very cute.

the thick curly hair makes them look different. They are also called sheep cats. In 1987, the first cub was born in Montana’s selcock mountains, after which the pups of this breed are named.

the selkeck curly cat breed first appeared in Montana in 1987, making it a relatively new breed. Their unusual curly hair gives them a status of worship on the Internet. The origin of these curls is a natural mutation produced by a blue hawksbill cat and a white cat.

the lineage of all selkeck curly cats can be traced back to the first selkeck curly kitten, miss midepsto. It was named after Jerry Newman’s stepfather, the owner of the animal.

Newman was reported to be from a cat house in livington, Montana. He was surprised when he realized that depsto carried the main curl gene, but also the recessive gene for long hair. In order to have long hair offspring, both parents must have at least one copy of the long hair gene, which is the fact.

in 1990, the breed was submitted to the board of directors of the international feline organization and became a new member of the new breed and color category. Selkeck curly cat is one of the most popular and unique cat species in recent decades.

although most selkeck curly cats are born with curly hair, some are born with straight hair. As they get older, their curly hair becomes clearer. Many call them teddy bears because they feel super soft.