Stray cats lost their forelimbs due to an accident and became “kangaroo cats”, releasing positive energy and becoming popular

Many people feel inferior and abandon themselves because of their imperfections. But there are more people because of the incomplete body and temper steel like will, the final success story. When a stray tabby cat was young, it was robbed of its forelimb by a traffic accident. After being rescued, it accepted the inspirational story of its own imperfection, disability, and even though it was physically disabled, it could still live a wonderful life.

the stray tabby cat living on the streets of the United States, when it was still young, chose to hide under the car because there was no place to warm up in the cold winter. The little body curled up next to the tire to keep warm. When the owner drove the car, the cat reacted and quickly got out of the car. However, it was still a step late. The tire of the car pressed heavily on its forelimb.

I don’t know how long she has been lying on the ground. A warm-hearted resident found the cat covered with blood when she was found, and then she was sent to the hospital for treatment. Due to serious injury and excessive blood loss, blood transfusion and amputation are necessary to save life. A long recovery period is needed after operation. After the operation, the cat has only the hind limb, I don’t know whether it can accept it, whether there will be psychological trauma.

although the cat lost its forelimb, it had a strong vitality. After the operation, it recovered quickly, and the new owner took it home. In addition to it, there is another cat, three dogs and six chickens at home. Looking at the cat suddenly has a lot of brothers and sisters, I hope it can feel the love from the extended family. Because it looks like a kangaroo without its forearm, its owner simply named it “kangaroo”. From then on, tabby cat is also a cat with identity.

because the kangaroo has just changed a new environment and has no forelimbs, it is very nervous about everything around, and the owner gives it special care. Fortunately, kangaroo’s adaptability is particularly strong, it soon integrated into the big family, and the family’s brothers and sisters greet each other, very popular. At the beginning, kangaroo lost its forelimb. It was very inconvenient to move. It rubbed on the ground all the time, and even led to skin damage. The owner who saw all this was distressed.

after thinking over and over, the owner decided to make a customized wheel and strap for the kangaroo. But kangaroo is quite resistant. It feels that these things restrict it and make it look different. It likes to play freely with dogs, cats and chickens at home. Looking at the kangaroo who wants to stand up even if he falls down for countless times, the owner understands that he wants to stand up by his own strength, and he doesn’t want to force him.

slowly, kangaroos began to learn how to control balance by wagging their tails. The hind legs powerfully lifted up his whole body. See this scene of the owner, surprised, for this moment kangaroo do not know how many times experienced a fall, this moment of kangaroo is simply very powerful. The kangaroo, which can only walk one or two steps from the beginning to the kangaroo who can walk for a long time, has changed greatly. It walks like a dinosaur running for food in the “Jurassic Park”.

kangaroo is a happy cat. It is not afraid of the difficulties that life brings to it. Instead, it is happy to face the injustice by insisting on its will. The whole body of kangaroo is releasing energy. Because of a car accident, it lost its forelimb and got a chance to be reborn. It no longer lives a life of being around for home, and there are more family members who love it.