Sudden abortion in early pregnancy? Several “hidden factors” are easy to be ignored, and most people don’t think so

We all know that after the fertilized egg is implanted, it means pregnancy, and then enters the embryonic development stage. However, this process is not smooth sailing. Sometimes when the development reaches a certain stage, it may stop for some reason, that is, “abortion”. Most unfortunate pregnant women say that it happens without warning. Is this really the case?

after half a year’s hard work, Linlin and her husband finally got pregnant. Because they were often busy with their work after marriage, they didn’t care about pregnancy. They stayed up late and worked overtime for a long time and had irregular diet, which made their health overdraft a lot. Therefore, they spent a lot of time and energy in preparation for pregnancy before they got pregnant, so they paid special attention to the baby in the womb.

who ever thought that when Linlin went to the prenatal examination at 9 weeks’ gestation, she was told that she had stopped giving birth. Hearing the result, she broke down on the spot and burst into tears. She also “deceived herself” and comforted herself that it was misdiagnosed by a doctor, so she changed a hospital for examination, and the same result still existed.

she can’t accept the fact that the embryo is well developed. How can she say that it’s gone? Linlin is very self reproach. If we can prevent it in advance, can we avoid the tragedy? Doctors said that abortion mostly occurs within 12 weeks of gestation, 80% in 8-10 weeks of gestation, at this time the embryo is extremely sensitive and fragile, even if a little bit of stimulation, may occur.

However, as high as 90% of fetuses are stopped due to abnormal embryos themselves. The remaining small part of the causes may be caused by both men and women or external factors, such as female endocrine disorders, abnormal uterine development, or poor exposure to environmental factors.

it should be noted that if the mother to be has had the experience of abortion, the reason must be found out to avoid the same mistake next time. The early pregnancy is an important turning point for fetal development. Once the pregnancy lasts for 12 weeks, the abortion will not come to you. The incidence rate after 15 weeks of pregnancy is only 0.6%.

nausea and vomiting, dizziness and fatigue, chest distension, dizziness, drowsiness and frequent urination are typical manifestations of early pregnancy reaction. If the original obvious reaction suddenly decreases or even disappears at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, we should be vigilant. It may be the signal of fetal arrest. Under normal circumstances, the early pregnancy reaction usually disappears after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

some patients with fetal arrest will have more lower body bleeding, accompanied by dark red bloody leucorrhea or black red blood clot, and have strong abdominal distension, waist acid and waist distension, which may also be a sign of fetal arrest, because after the fetus stops developing, it will gradually fall off and discharge from the endometrium.

B ultrasound can check the specific situation in detail, and its diagnostic criteria are: no gestational sac is found in embryo development ≥ 6 weeks; although there is gestational sac, it has been deformed and atrophied; if the gestational sac is more than 4 cm, there is no fetal bud or fetal heart beat.

hCG in early pregnancy has been on the rise, and its doubling is a key indicator to judge whether the fetus stops or not. It usually reaches the peak at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. If the result of hCG test is lower than 50, the possibility of fetal arrest is greater.

once the baby is stopped, they will know how happy they were when they were pregnant, and how sad they are now. In fact, excluding some common factors, the following causes of fetal arrest are easy to be ignored by Baoma.

if the mothers to be in early pregnancy have negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and depression, it will seriously affect the hormone secretion level in the body, and then lead to insufficient hormone secretion to maintain embryonic development, and then induce fetal arrest.

most women’s habit of staying up late may not be changed in a short time after pregnancy, so they follow the bad habits, resulting in overload of various organs of the body, aggravating the occurrence of endocrine disorders, decreased immunity and other problems, eventually leading to the cessation of embryonic development.

due to the interference of early pregnancy reaction, many mothers have poor appetite and eat less at once. In fact, in the early stage of fetal sac development, nutrition needs to be provided in time to thrive. If the mother to be has a single diet and uneven intake of nutrients, it may lead to fetal arrest.

in a word, if you encounter fetal arrest, don’t put too much psychological pressure on yourself. Go to the hospital in time for examination and symptomatic treatment, you can certainly welcome a good pregnancy again.