Suffering from cancer, the overall state is delicious, normal? How to arrange the diet to be good to the condition?

When it comes to cancer, many people think of hair loss, vomiting, diarrhea, and physical pain. People who have cancer must be weak and mentally depressed. This situation, generally occurs in cancer patients with very malignant tumors. Pancreatic cancer is the most prominent, can make people skinny cancer, cause physical and mental damage to patients.

but people with pancreatic cancer can not represent all cancer patients. There are also many people with cancer, the overall state is very good, can eat and sleep, the body did not lose weight quickly, looks like normal people, is normal.

many factors can affect the state of a person with cancer, such as the type of cancer, the location of the disease, the stage of the disease, and the mentality of the patient. Different factors lead to different performance of the patient. The prognosis is good cancer, such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, does not affect eating, patients can eat normally.

patients are treated at an early stage of cancer and are usually in good condition. In the early stage of cancer, cancerous tissue is very small, low activity, patients after surgery, can eliminate 80% of the symptoms. The body is not uncomfortable, the patient’s appetite will not be affected naturally, the psychological pressure is not big, looks very energetic.

the psychological quality of patients, to a large extent, affects the physical state. A lot of people know that they have cancer, will immediately feel that their body is no longer good, certainly no help, constantly in the mood of fear, give their own psychological hints. The patient not only will be mental deterioration, look haggard, also have no mind to eat, the whole person quickly emaciated.

many families of cancer patients want to know how to arrange diet, which is the most beneficial to control the disease and promote physical recovery. They also hope to let the patients eat well to adjust their emotions, make them more optimistic and positive, and establish confidence in conquering cancer.

eating more cereals and grains can supplement nutrition and regulate the stomach and intestines. There are many trace elements in cereals and cereals, which play an important role in stabilizing various functions, improving metabolic efficiency and regulating hormone secretion. These foods also contain cellulose, low carbohydrate content, can improve digestive function, control carbohydrate intake, more effective use of nutrients.

cancer patients should eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, and cellulose. Supplement a variety of nutrients, can improve the patient’s immunity and resistance, enhance the ability to resist cancer cells, but also enhance the body’s healing power and repair power.

many people have heard that cancer patients can’t eat meat. Meat is hair, which will aggravate the disease. It’s incorrect. After you get cancer, it’s important to supplement protein. If you don’t eat any meat, the patient’s constitution will become worse, the immune function will become weaker, and the body will become worse and worse. Patients are not at ease, can eat less fat meat, fish is a good choice. In addition to the diet, there are some things to pay attention to.

cancer patients should control their weight. Excessive fat intake will reduce the efficiency of metabolism, increase the pressure of multiple organs, and easily aggravate the physical discomfort. When arranging the diet, must consider the calorie, does not give the patient to eat contains the sugar many, or contains the fat many food. The amount of salt should also be controlled.

moderate exercise is beneficial to control weight, improve body function, stabilize the condition, relax mood and relieve pressure. Cancer patients exercise, each time within 30 minutes is good, not too tired, will consume a lot of physical strength. Warm up before exercise and add water after exercise. 2