Sugar friends can also eat pasta

Many people know that eating pasta increases sugar quickly, which is a kind of torture for the sugar friends who like pasta. Although the glycemic index of pasta is on the high side, diabetes patients can also enjoy pasta as long as they control the amount of pasta, learn reasonable collocation and master some dietary tips. Generally speaking, human body needs carbohydrate, protein and fat, among which carbohydrate accounts for 45% – 60%. Therefore, do not eat pasta to control blood sugar, not desirable. The diet of diabetic patients needs special attention, food selection, eating speed and so on have influence on blood glucose. It is pointed out in the latest edition that the ration of staple food and the collocation of coarse and fine grains account for 1 / 3 of the total grains and beans. Tangyou can make steamed bread or buckwheat noodles. The ratio of coarse grains to fine grains is 1:2 ~ 1:3. If eating noodles, the total amount of each meal should be controlled within 100g as much as possible. At the same time, it should be accompanied with twice the amount of leafy vegetables and meat, and eat more dietary fiber, such as celery, bamboo shoots, and fungus. This not only has the feeling of satiety, but also can delay the rise rate of postprandial blood glucose. In addition, eating noodles can also put some vinegar, because vinegar can delay the gastric emptying time of noodles, thereby indirectly reducing blood sugar. < / P > < p > the order of eating should be paid attention to. First drink the soup, then eat the vegetables, and finally eat the staple food. This can prolong the intake time of noodles and is also very effective in delaying the rise of blood sugar. Breakfast generally drink milk or eggs first, increase the protein in staple food, so as to reduce gastric emptying and digestion rate of food in the small intestine, so as to avoid excessive insulin secretion and prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia before lunch. In the process of processing, starch granules expand in different degrees under the action of water and heat, some even break and decompose, and become easy to digest. The smaller the food particles are, the easier they are to be hydrolyzed and absorbed, and the higher the glycemic index is, so the food should not be too fine. If you eat noodles, you’d better choose soup noodles, a little hard boiled, digestion will be slower. Try to eat less porridge, batter, glutinous rice and too bad noodles. It takes a process for gastrointestinal tract to digest food into blood glucose. If you eat slowly, the process of gastrointestinal digestion will also slow down, thus reducing the speed of blood glucose conversion and reducing the impact on blood glucose value in a short time. In addition, chewing and swallowing can enhance the effect of food stimulating digestive tract to produce intestinal hypoglycemic hormone. 2