Summer fades, autumn comes, to prevent autumn tigers, please watch these 6 steps

Low temperature is just one of them. The reasons behind this phenomenon are as follows: first, the direct point of the Sun continues to move southward, and the solar radiation weakens; second, the subtropical high moves southward by leaps and bounds, and the Mongolian cold high begins to be eager to try. Under the control of cold high pressure, the sinking and dry cold air first declared the end of rainy season in Northeast, North and Northwest China, and ushered in the best weather in autumn. Although the dominant subtropical high retreats southward in summer, it is reluctant to give up its dominant position and easily retreat to the Western Pacific Ocean. In the southern part of the country it controls, people who have just experienced the cool autumn often feel the hot weather again in late summer. This is the real “autumn tiger”. < / P > < p > if the “autumn tiger” continues to appear after the “ambush”, it is easy to form a continuous drought in summer and autumn, which greatly advance the autumn fire prevention period, so we need to be vigilant. < / P > < p > due to the increasingly dry climate, many people will feel dry throat and dry skin after getting up in the morning. Even if they drink a large glass of water, it is difficult to quench their thirst. This phenomenon is often called “autumn dryness”, at this time, should eat less spicy food, eat more light food. The weather is changeable in late summer and early autumn. Maybe it’s still hot at noon and cold in the afternoon and evening. Therefore, in this solar term, we should not only keep warm, but also pay attention to diet. We shouldn’t eat too much cold food. Because autumn is gradually coming, at this time people are easy to suffer from some common diseases, so in the diet, it is better to eat some warm food, which is good for the health. < p > < p > sour taste has the effect of moistening the lung and astringency. What is needed in autumn is to strengthen lung yin. In particular, don’t eat this season, including ginger, pepper, ginger, or spicy wine. These foods belong to the hot food, in the cooking process will lose a lot of water, easy to eat after the fire. Especially after the summer heat, the weather begins to dry, which will aggravate the harm of autumn dryness to human body. For example, ginger, in ancient medical books there is such a warning: “within a year, autumn do not eat ginger.”. There is a folk saying that “autumn melon spoils the belly”. Some delicious melons are mostly cool. Eating too much can damage the spleen and stomach, so it should be stopped. But some fruits can be eaten more. For example, pear can moisten lung, can expectorant cough, is the most advocated fruit in autumn. Apple is rich in vitamins and potassium, not only for cardiovascular disease patients, but also antidiarrheal. < p > < p > in autumn, we must eat more foods containing vitamins, such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, etc., which can supplement the nutrition of human body and avoid the harm of drying. Also need to eat more alkaline food, such as apple, kelp and fresh vegetables, this kind of food also contains rich moisture, is essential food in autumn. From the perspective of health preservation, it is advisable to eat foods that can clear away heat and calm the mind, such as Tremella fuciformis, lily, lotus seed, honey, yellow croaker, scallop, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans, milk, etc. However, these foods should not be eaten too much at a time, so as to eat less and more meals. In addition, with the gradual drying of the climate, the lung meridian of the human body is on duty. At this time, you can eat more nourishing yin and moistening dry food to prevent dryness evil from being damaged. Such as pear, rock sugar, tremella, sea cucumber, duck meat and other nourishing yin food, or Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis, squid, turtle and other health food. CUISINE&HEALTH