Summer is not the most should eat bitter gourd, and it, sooner or later to eat a few tablets, full of energy over three volts

It’s hot in summer, especially after three days. The temperature is about 35 degrees every day. Your back is wet after a trip. You must do a good job of heatstroke prevention. It’s hot in summer. In order to cool down, many people begin to eat some cold food, drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, sit in the room and turn on the air conditioner all day long. In this way, the moisture in the body will be very heavy in the long run. Don’t underestimate the heavy moisture. In summer, heavy moisture will lead to unconsciousness, insomnia and dreaminess, loss of appetite, obesity, skin deterioration, constipation, etc. in the long run, it may harm our health, so we should adjust it in time. Many people feel that summer humidity is important, eat more balsam pear, with the effect of removing moisture, in fact, the most should eat is not bitter gourd, but ginger, and brown sugar together, make small snacks, sooner or later eat a few pieces, can be very good to dispel dampness and cold, let you full of energy over the summer.

this delicious food is brown sugar and ginger slices, which have a good effect of dispelling dampness and dispersing cold, and are suitable for eating in summer. Ginger is also a medicine. Eating more ginger can stimulate the gastric mucosa and promote gastrointestinal digestion. The potassium element contained in ginger has an irritant fragrance, which has the effect of expelling cold and reducing the cold of the body. In addition, ginger also contains some plant volatile oil components, which can promote blood circulation. Brown sugar is rich in a variety of amino acids, carotene, nicotinic acid, minerals and other nutritional elements, brown sugar is warm, has the effect of nourishing blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, summer body cold, eating some brown sugar benefits. Today, we will share a Kwai Tang ginger recipe. It is simple and quick. It can be eaten as snacks, and can be eaten in the morning and evening.

3. Prepare a cooking pot, pour the mixed water of pickled ginger and brown sugar into the pot, heat it at a medium or low temperature, boil the brown sugar and melt it, and the ginger will also come out of the water.

4. Continue to cook with a small and medium fire, turning it with a shovel constantly in the middle, so as to prevent the paste pot. Then cook until the water is dry and there is sugar frost. Then turn off the fire and eat it. If you can’t finish eating, you can find a sterilized bottle and put it in it. You can take it as you eat.

the most important thing to eat in summer is not balsam pear. Moreover, it should be taken in the morning and evening to make you energetic. It’s easy to get wet in summer. Try this piece of brown sugar and ginger, which can dispel dampness and dispel cold. It’s a pity to miss it.