Summer sleeps total cramp, is because the body lacks calcium? The doctor reminds: be careful, it is the disease that comes to you

Cramp in medical terms called muscle spasm, refers to the human body muscle spontaneous, mandatory contraction, generally occurs in the legs and feet. Many people have cramps and headaches. If they have cramps when they sleep, they will wake up with pain. Most of the cramps last between 10 seconds and dozens of seconds. There are many reasons for the occurrence of cramps, such as calcium deficiency, cold, local vascular compression and so on. There are also many children in adolescence will also have calf cramps, adults will say that it is because in the long, line year-old teenagers will have leg cramps, mainly because in this age of children, the body is growing rapidly, the bone development is also relatively fast, and the nutritional demand for calcium is relatively high. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, there will be leg cramps, so it is true that leg cramps are children growing tall.

but in addition to children of this age group, many adults, elderly people, and pregnant women will have cramps. At this time, it is impossible to say that the cramp is due to the growth of the body. Therefore, it is not entirely right whether the cramp is in the growth of stature. It is mainly analyzed according to the individual’s own situation.

with the improvement of living standards, air conditioning is available everywhere. Basically, we spend the summer under the air conditioning. Especially for some friends who are afraid of heat, they basically turn on the air conditioner every day, including the night when the temperature is very low. In fact, if the air conditioner is used for a long time or the body is exposed to low temperature for a long time, the blood vessels will contract and the local blood flow will be reduced, and the nutrient elements in the blood, especially the calcium content, will be reduced.

when we are short of calcium in our body, the permeability of cell membrane will be increased, and a large amount of calcium can enter bone cells, which will easily lead to muscle contraction, spasm and cramp. The long-term blowing of air conditioning will also cause cold, dizziness, tinnitus, allergy, dry skin and other conditions, which is harmful to our health.

if the air conditioner is often turned on, the air in the room will not circulate, and dust and bacteria will easily grow in the enclosed space, causing skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Therefore, in summer, it is necessary to blow air conditioner properly. It is not so hot in the evening. It is also good to open the window for ventilation and contact with natural air.

when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should be controlled within 7 degrees. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is kept reasonable, it can avoid large temperature difference and cause a series of discomfort to the human body. When you come back from the outside, you should not blow the air conditioner immediately when you are sweating. Instead, you should wait for the body to calm down and have a buffering process, so as not to put too much pressure on the body and cause damage.

under the relief of low temperature for a long time, the skin will lose a lot of water, resulting in pruritus, dryness, dry eyes and other symptoms. Therefore, in the air-conditioned room, we should drink more water if we don’t feel thirsty. We should supplement the body with water in time to maintain the operation of our physiological functions.

generally speaking, cramp is a kind of physiological phenomenon and will not cause too much harm to the body. But in the case of no obvious physiological discomfort, and often cramps, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the air conditioner is turned on too low or the air conditioner is blown too long. If you do not pay attention, it may also bring health risks to the body! 08/16/2020