Summer to increase or decrease the baby’s clothes, you line a concern point, let the baby comfortable summer

It’s summer. In hot weather, parents tend to wear cool clothes. However, their baby’s language ability is limited. When it’s cold and hot, they can’t tell their parents directly. If they wait until their baby has a rash, they will know how to reduce their clothes.

so, knowing when to change clothes for their baby is a technical work, but it is also a skill that parents must know! I hope my parents will pay more attention to the following points!

I believe many parents have heard the saying that “26 ℃ is a healthy temperature”. This statement is not groundless. It is generally recognized by many medical experts and tested and researched every year, which is the most suitable temperature for the human body in general.

in summer, due to uneven ground temperature, it is easy to generate local temperature difference, which makes it easier to wind. Moreover, the weather is relatively hot, and the baby is prone to sweating. If the baby is sweating heavily and exposed to the wind for a long time, it is easy to catch a cold.

therefore, when taking the baby for outdoor activities, if it is windy, parents should first dry the baby’s sweat, and then add more clothes to avoid catching cold.

cold starts from the foot, and many acupoints related to physical health are densely distributed in the foot. Once you catch a cold, you are easy to get sick. Therefore, parents should also pay attention to keep baby’s feet warm in summer.

in an air-conditioned room, it’s better to put on socks for your baby. When it’s hot, you can change into thinner socks, but it’s better not to walk barefoot on the ground, so as not to catch cold.

generally speaking, the nap time is short, and the baby’s temperature will be higher at noon, so when taking a nap, parents can directly use a thin quilt to cover his belly and lower body instead of taking off his clothes.

when sleeping at night, parents can cover the baby with a slightly thicker quilt. If you want to wear a sleeping bag for your baby, you should pay attention to choosing the appropriate thickness. Whether taking a nap or going to bed late, parents should pay attention not to turn on the air conditioner too low and keep the baby’s feet warm.

the above are some notes on adding or removing clothes for the baby in summer. Parents can use them for reference. However, because the baby’s constitution is different, parents should not be too rigid when using these methods and principles, and should be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.

usually touch the baby’s back. If he is sweating, it means that he may be a little hot. You should reduce the clothes properly, wait for the baby’s temperature to drop, and then add them appropriately, so as to ensure the baby’s comfortable summer.