Super precision! Students in eight schools in Haidian, Beijing have “customized” version of sports homework

“Hello, XX! According to your physical test results, the weakest aspect of quality is flexibility, and the second weakness of quality is speed. The goal is to improve flexibility and speed. The training frequency is 30 to 60 minutes three times a week… ” Turning on the mobile phone, students can see the “customized” version of sports homework according to their physical condition.

on October 12, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Haidian District Education Committee that during the National Day holiday, the “three precisions and accuracy” project for improving students’ physical health in Haidian District was officially implemented, and the sports assignments of the first batch of 8 pilot schools were changed from the unified version to the “private customized” version.

during the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, many students in Haidian District were happy to “punch in” their sports homework at home. The reporter learned that, different from the Unified Sports homework assigned to all students in the past, the sports homework that students do at home during the holidays are “customized” version.

open the “student physique monitoring and promotion” small program, input the school, class, student number and other information previously bound, and then you can view your own physical health analysis report. In the report, there are not only basic information about students’ height, weight and eyesight, but also the physical health scores related to vital capacity, 50 meter running, 1 minute rope skipping and other items, as well as six physical fitness evaluation items including shape, endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and machinery.

Liu Fang, director of Haidian District primary and secondary school sports promotion center, introduced that these data were provided by the pilot school. The system would recommend four targeted training actions every day according to the weakest and second weakest physical fitness items of students, and automatically generate a “exercise prescription”.

students can train according to this “exercise prescription”. For example, if some students have poor flexibility and speed, the system recommends training programs such as sitting forward bending, opposite hand touching feet, and strengthening Russian style rotation. Each training project uses pictures and videos to make detailed action description, and also specifies the specific practice method and the number of exercises.

it is understood that in the middle and late October, Haidian District will carry out accurate physical examination for all students in the pilot schools, and all data will be updated to the small program synchronously. At that time, the “exercise prescription” will be more accurate.

it is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the exercise effect and keep the students fresh in physical exercise, the “exercise prescription” of each student will be automatically changed once a week. In addition, here, students can also record their daily exercise through text and small video to form a personal health calendar.

Liu Fang told reporters that this is one of the precise intervention means for Haidian District students’ physical health improvement “three precision and accurate” project. The project is an innovative measure to scientifically study and judge the new situation of sports development and guide the physical improvement of primary and secondary school students in Haidian District in cooperation with the expert team of Beijing Normal University by using network platform to exchange information, big data analysis, scientific exercise and correction prescription, combination of family education and school education, and social resources.

what is triple precision? The “three precision” project consists of three stages: precise testing, precise analysis and precise intervention. Through the accurate collection of students’ body composition data and multi-dimensional health index data; accurate analysis for the data of school, grade, class and each student, the specific fitness health report is produced, and the test results are ranked in competition, which provides a reliable basis for the precise intervention of students’ main body in the next step. Through continuous monitoring, long-term and short-term goals can be achieved.

“taking into account the actual situation of the schools and the physical conditions of the students, the first batch of schools have determined a total of 8 schools. There are schools with more students and schools with fewer students, including both secondary and primary schools. ” Liu Fang revealed that according to the plan, it is expected to be extended to all primary and secondary schools in Haidian District in the future.

the reporter learned that the first eight schools were the secondary school affiliated to China University of Geosciences, the second branch of the Affiliated Middle School of Renmin University of China, Longyue Experimental Middle School of Beijing No.11 school, YANGFANGDIAN Central Primary School in Haidian District of Beijing, Tonghui school district affiliated to capital Normal University, primary school affiliated to Beijing Petroleum Institute, Tangjialing campus of Hongying primary school in Haidian District of Beijing and Beijing Haidian Experimental Primary School Affiliated to the Institute of education. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!