Surging: children with fewer patients, do not let pediatricians “shortage”

It is reasonable to say that the “shortage of patients” should be the highest pursuit of medical and health undertakings. However, since this year, the “shortage of patients” in pediatrics has been on the news for many times, which has become a major problem perplexing the career of pediatricians. On November 11, 10 medical and nursing staff in the Department of Pediatrics of Susong County People’s Hospital in Anhui Province, due to the low performance appraisal, jointly reported in the name of the Department and asked for collective job transfer, which aroused public concern. In fact, before this year, the imbalance between the supply and demand of pediatricians and the number of patients was presented in another way – “shortage of pediatric medicine”. The reason is also obvious. Pediatrics belongs to the typical “dumb Department”. Parents love deeply, and they are responsible for doctors, which leads to high risk of employment. Small patients can do less examination and use less medicine, which makes it difficult for the Department to generate income and benefit. Children’s common diseases are concentrated, which does not contribute much to writing papers and evaluating professional titles, and the career prospect is dim It is not an isolated case that “doctors are overworked and fall ill, and pediatrics is forced to stop diagnosis”. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic completely reversed the supply and demand situation, but did not change the situation of pediatricians. Affected by the epidemic situation, this year, especially in the first half of this year, the number of outpatient and inpatients in many grass-roots hospitals decreased significantly, including pediatrics. “Patient shortage” means that the business volume decreases and the performance further decreases. The reasons can also be imagined. Objectively, isolation at home reduces the contact and spread of viruses and bacteria. Subjectively, public health protection awareness is improved, and living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and ventilation more also play a protective role. According to the results of a questionnaire survey released by the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention in July, 56.5% of the people believed that the number of people suffering from diseases such as cold or influenza had decreased since the outbreak of the new epidemic. The common disease in children is respiratory tract infection, and the impact on pediatrics is naturally the biggest. < / P > < p > pediatric patients are worried about more and less. Why are pediatricians always injured? To solve this problem, we need to see the underlying reasons through the superficial market supply and demand problems. Pediatricians run away, not in the conventional sense, afraid of being tired and not earning money when living less. Instead, they have a very weak professional living space, which can not withstand the risk test, and there is not much confidence to stick to in the “purse”. < / P > < p > under the pressure, we can see that some pediatricians seek their own way out, transform without changing jobs, seize the knowledge payment and short video outlet, and start the work of pediatric knowledge popularization. Some of them have gained a lot of supporters on the Internet, which has relieved their economic pressure to a certain extent. Of course, very few successful cases are closely related to personal talent and talent, so they do not have the possibility of extensive promotion and replication. The breakthrough at the individual level is difficult to solve the huge dilemma of pediatric development. < / P > < p > in fact, the solutions are also on the table: in terms of personnel training, we should pay more attention to pediatricians; we should improve the income and treatment of pediatricians through the form of special subsidies; we should optimize the evaluation mechanism of professional titles of pediatricians to create sufficient growth space for pediatricians; we should create a social atmosphere of respecting pediatricians and enhance the pride of this group Etc. Although these appeals have been repeatedly stressed on different occasions, it is difficult to see any signs of policy spring rain before the weak balance between supply and demand is completely broken. Will the shortage of pediatric patients last? When the shadow of the epidemic disappears, it is difficult to say that pediatric clinics will continue to be “quiet”; when the “second childhood” comes, the shortage of pediatricians is still a major problem. Therefore, we must solve the problem of “shortage of pediatricians”. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!