Survey progress of collective fever and diarrhea in a kindergarten in Chengdu

The Education Bureau of Wuhou District in Chengdu issued a notice on the afternoon of June 6, announcing the progress of the investigation in response to the incident that dozens of teachers and students in jinpinglongwan Peninsula kindergarten in Wuhou District had fever, diarrhea and other symptoms. On September 1, Salmonella was found to be positive in the purchased birthday cake of the kindergarten. It was preliminarily determined that four children were caused by Salmonella, and another five were suspected of infection.

according to the report, as of 12:00 on September 6, except for two children who were treated in the general ward of the hospital and their condition was stable, the rest of the children and teachers were recuperating. A total of 30 children and 4 teachers had symptoms of fever and diarrhea, and their clinical diagnosis involved upper respiratory tract infection, acute gastroenteritis and bacterial infection, according to a report on the 5th.

the center for Disease Control and prevention of Wuhou District detected all food samples of the kindergarten on September 1 and September 2, and found that Salmonella was positive in the purchased birthday cake on September 1. At 15:00 on September 6, Wuhou District Center for Disease Control and prevention, together with Chengdu CDC and clinical experts, preliminarily determined that four children’s diseases were caused by Salmonella, and another five were suspected to be infected.

according to the above situation, Wuhou District Education Bureau has ordered Golden Apple Longwan Peninsula kindergarten to rectify and improve its internal management, undertake corresponding responsibilities, and assign special personnel to continuously pay attention to children’s health; Wuhou District Market Supervision Bureau further carries out investigation, seriously deals with relevant responsible units and personnel according to law, and resolutely avoids similar situations. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao