Suspect yourself suffering from depression? Check these 5 symptoms self-test, if you get hit, please see a doctor in time

I believe that we have seen a lot of news and cases of suicide due to depression, especially in recent years, there is a trend of gradual increase, we are sorry at the same time, but also feel fear for depression! Although depression seems to be a psychological disease, it is not only aimed at psychology, but also has a substantial impact on the body and organs of patients. Patients with severe depression will not only reduce their isolation from the world, but also have the idea of suicide and self mutilation, thus ending their lives.

according to the survey data, more than half of the patients with depression are at risk of suicide. The World Health Organization has also concluded that depression in 2020, next only to coronary heart disease, has become a serious threat to national health in the second category of diseases. But our understanding of depression is still very limited, even after their own depression, they did not notice their illness, and ignored the disease, making the disease more and more serious, causing irreparable damage.

the typical symptom of depression in the early stage is depression. Patients tend to cause anxiety, sadness and disappointment for a small matter. With the long-term depression, they will fall into the wrong cognition of self doubt and hopelessness of life. It is easy to attribute all the bad things to themselves. It is difficult to be interested in things and lose the desire to be happy, even if they are in a lively and happy life In the atmosphere, you will feel out of place and become more depressed.

according to the survey, most patients with depression have poor appetite or overeating. Some patients gradually lose their appetite for food, gradually lose weight, and even suffer from anorexia, leading to gradual loss of body function and life-threatening. Some patients will have the symptoms of overeating. They feel that they can’t satisfy their appetite when they eat too much food, which leads to rapid weight gain and gastrointestinal diseases.

insomnia is also one of the early symptoms of patients with depression. Patients are not only unable to fall asleep at night, but also wake up midway without drowsiness even if they fall asleep normally. But also always fall into depression in the late night, recall are sad, disappointed things, and infinitely enlarge it, make their mood worse and worse, and even lose hope for life.

patients will also have changes in their personality. They will lose patience and become indifferent and disgusted, including cold sex and loss of appetite. Patients will also have social phobia, hate contact with people, do not want to contact with anyone, slovenly, and even shut themselves in the room. Serious people will also appear apathy, their relatives will appear indifferent psychology, this state will continue to exist for a long time. 888]
depression, dizziness, not only aggravate the patient’s physical fatigue, dizziness. In the medical examination, can not find any cause of disease in the body, and the patient’s memory and attention will also have problems, affecting work and life, resulting in a vicious circle, aggravating the disease.

depression is like a quagmire, in which patients are trapped, but they can’t extricate themselves. The more they struggle, the deeper they fall into, until they threaten our lives. So once you find yourself with depression, don’t delay and seek help in time! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao