Suspected by CCTV name waste of big stomach King snow antler hall, its eating and broadcasting video comprehensive off the shelf

In August 13th, Kwai criticized the “big tiktok” eating waste, such as “eating vomit” and other waste of food. In the end, many live and short video platforms, such as fighting fish, jitter and fast hand, all expressed their opposition to the waste of food and issued relevant regulations.

the Red Star News reporter noticed that although CCTV’s pictures had been processed, some netizens recognized that one of the mosaicized king of stomach eating and broadcasting was the snow antler hall.

most of the eating and broadcasting videos of snow antler hall are outdoor barbecue, which is famous for its large amount of food materials and rough practices. Each barbecue uses large pieces of beef and mutton, half / whole cattle and sheep.

according to incomplete statistics of netizens, his video of eating and broadcasting shared 32 sheep, 40 legs of sheep, 2 cattle and 1 camel. Due to the use of food materials, he was also called “can’t be imitated” by netizens, because “who imitates, who goes bankrupt.”.

Red Star News reporters searched multiple platforms and found that the videos of snow antler hall had been deleted. On its micro-blog tiktok, only 1 non video broadcast videos were retained, and on the shaking voice, no account was found.

is on the Kwai Tai platform. His works and dynamics are 0 and hidden fans and attention. But the number of fans can still be seen at 4 million 105 thousand.

tiktok Kwai, B station, jitter and fish fighting platform search for “big stomach king” and “eat sowing” and other keywords, will basically jump out of “treasure / cherish food” tips, or search for nothing. Focus