Sweet confession season M.A.C. Meike’s choice

The season of sweet confession is coming. If you want to hit the heart of the goddess in one fell swoop, M.A.C. magic can help you sweet. M · a · C Meike soft fog heart Limited gift box, Zhang Yixing’s choice, Chinese Valentine’s Day special pet let love spread, charming color is beautiful and eye-catching, strength captured the goddess’s heart!

kiss in pairs, the trump card of Chinese Valentine’s Day is limited, and M.A.C. magic double color gift box can help you unlock the secrets between your lips. M, A, C, M.A.C, foggy lipstick, hot double color, replaced with Limited package shell, soft fog touch, Limited packaging, printed and engraving hot love and black ribbon, lipstick color high fog shell, romantic and elegant, unlocking the fog and the new charm. #314 MULL IT OVER white peach milk tea, pink bean paste apricot, salt can be sweet and fresh and tender, just like sweet and non greasy silk milk tea; #316 DEVOTED TO CHILI soft fog pepper, maple leaf brick red, a touch of hot and deep feeling, so that the lips of honey kiss more intense hot. Double color coating, sweet lips with “spicy”, give people a semi sugar light ripe feeling, in Valentine’s day for yourself to reconcile the exclusive sweetness.

the irresistible temptation of Chinese Valentine’s day, my love recommends M.A.C. Meike’s new soft mist Lip Glaze, which is white, light, lock color, and romantic choice! Subvert the matte texture, break the boundaries of single play make-up, and freely define the new trend of fashion makeup. M.A.C. Meike Qixi limited Rou SA two color group. It’s necessary to go to an appointment and have a kiss. #998 sweet pumpkin color, fresh and versatile, silky and soft; ා 991 devoted to Chili Hot Pepper, rust red brown tone, white skin. There are multiple color codes can be combined with a sweet heart box, which can help you to interpret the graceful lips and give you sweet words on Chinese Valentine’s Day!

the Qixi Festival gift box has more than just a close combination, 2 colors, 4 colors, 7 colors, 14 Color Lipstick gift boxes, multiple choice love show, easy to lock love hearts. Full color 14 colors are selected at will. Each style is outstanding in whiteness, with advanced matte makeup effect, soft and smooth upper lip. With the brush head, the gourd brush head can take care of the lip circumference, create a perfect lip shape with a smooth touch, and easily dye the lips with rich mist feeling.

during the Chinese Valentine’s day, M.A.C. can share the sweet atmosphere with you. You can enjoy it immediately when you place an order on the official website of M.A.C. or tmall flagship store. The Chinese Valentine’s day advertising gift card can help you convey your sweet feelings with your heart beating. You can also enjoy the Valentine’s Eve gift box, Zhang Yixing with the same style, publicize love, engrave lips.

in this Chinese Valentine’s day, if you want to pamper and upgrade your love, you can immediately visit the official website of M.A.C. or the official flagship store of tmall, or go to the offline counters of M.A.C. Meike to buy the choice of Tanabata. In the pink soft fog, you can go to the sweet appointment together. 08/16/2020