“Sweet wind” has been out of date, now popular “Miss sister wind”, simple and generous, not artificial

In order to be able to let oneself become welcome, concave person set already is the situation that sees strange now. It may have been influenced by those brainless silly white sweet TV series before, which once made those innocent and pure “sweet wind” become the mainstream existence. Although such facilities can really arouse people’s desire for protection, it can also reflect the sweetness of their own girls.

but after a long time, this kind of setting is still a little boring. In addition, people’s tastes have changed. Those more personalized “Miss Jie Feng” routes are now the most popular ones. Naturally, they are true and impersonal. They can be said to be all men and women!

when it comes to the line of Miss sister style, people will think of a fashion expert in Thailand. Her appearance and dress match this style perfectly. Each set of her modeling will not give people a childish and lovely feeling, nor will it have that kind of high and cold image which is too concave. Basically, it is this kind of natural modeling with warm breath, which makes people unconsciously attracted. In fact, if you want to have this natural effect, you just need to start from these aspects.

if you want to be a beauty with natural temperament, you should keep it perfect in every place. First of all, the most important thing is to have a dry hair. If the hair is oily, your image will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to develop a good habit of cleaning and nursing hair in daily life. In addition to paying attention to the cleaning of hair, the filling of hairline is also a place that needs our attention.

after all, how can a perfect girl be a bald star. Depending on the appropriate hairline filling, will let our originally thin hair look more dense, especially when we tie up our hair, messy broken hair floating in front of our eyes, with the perfect hairline, it is absolutely natural to modify the existence of the face shape, so that you can maintain a best state all the time. And our beauty Ju Jingyi is filling her artifact with her hairline to make her beauty look more exquisite.

if we want to create the image of a little sister with gentle temperament, we can’t put too much weight on the make-up. After all, what we want is not the retro style or the hot and strong sexy style. For example, this kind of make-up that can improve your skin color and enhance your qi and blood is enough. If your skin has a good foundation, sometimes you only spend a lipstick, which can make your whole person look and emit an invisible charm.

since the hair and make-up have been emphasized, we should also make some articles on our bodies. In order to show the natural and exquisite feeling perfectly, we should not only make efforts on our faces, but also set off our perfect temperament by simple and generous clothes.

in order to prevent you from making too many mistakes in wearing, this paper summarizes several pieces that are more suitable for creating this style, in case of your unexpected needs.

if you want to create this style, it’s certainly not practical to wear it too gaudy. It’s not as practical as this kind of simple and atmospheric white shirt. It can not only be used in our daily life travel wear, but also as a comfortable commuter wind choice, it is not too perfect. If you want to be more daily, you can choose this simple style with a big V-neck design. Without the classic Lapel design, it can weaken the sense of being able to commute. At the same time, it perfectly presents the small sexy and gentle temperament. It is a good group of daily wear to match a pair of jeans casually.

of course, if you want to be a little more formal, you can consider this fashion style that perfectly combines V-neck and lapel. It will not only give people a sense of seriousness, but also meet your commute needs. With a pair of micro designed jeans, it will not only beautify your body, but also make your own kind of atmosphere stronger.

in addition to simple white shirts, this year’s popular French retro elements can also be added to our wear. Compared with the blister sleeves for covering the flesh, I recommend this kind of pleated design with body decoration and elegant flavor, which is more in line with the personal design of little sister. Take this square collar pleated navel top as an example, it has a pure feeling of aging reduction.

if you think that the pure version can’t reflect your elegant side, such as this kind of retro style that combines pleats and shirts, it should be a good choice. If you casually match with a high waist suit pants, a set of fashionable and atmospheric commuting dress will be completed, which is simple and fashionable.

when this style is hot, you can also transform yourself. Maybe you will find unexpected peach blossom after the transformation!

OK, that’s what we’re going to share today. Pay attention to the daily matching guide, so that you don’t worry about wearing! Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete. Information sharing for epilepsy patients