Taibao likes to “keep your eyes closed” for three times. Be careful not to disturb his dream

The mother to be always likes to talk to Taibao in the middle of the night for months. Since she can feel the fetal movement, she always likes to chat with the fetus and want to cultivate feelings with the child in advance.

after work, Yiyi told me about the situation. The husband laughed and said: I think you may have made him have a good dream. It’s almost midnight when I leave work. Most people go to bed.

I heard that after Yiyi stayed up late, the doctor criticized her for being irresponsible. Staying up late not only does harm to her health, but also affects the rest of the fetus. For a long time, it will affect the development of the fetus.

the fetus will be more active when it absorbs nutrition, and then it will sleep soundly and enter a deep sleep state when they are “full and full”. Mother to be should not disturb Taibao and let him have a good sleep and grow up quickly.

during the day, the mother often moves the fetus, and the fetus is very happy and tired. In the evening, the surrounding environment is especially quiet, and the mother has stabilized. This is a good time for the fetus to sleep.

when the mother to be goes to the bathroom, has breakfast, and washes, she will be free for a while after about 10 a.m., and the fetus will also sleep comfortably back into the cage.

so we can’t be too willful during pregnancy. The behavior of the mother to be is very important to the fetus. We can’t talk to the fetus at any time, which will wake up his “dream”.

fetal movement begins after 4 months, and hearing develops gradually. At this time, we can start fetal education. There are three best times in a day.

★ before going to bed, you can tell a story to Qingsheng Taibao, talk about good night, calm down Taibao’s mood, and enhance the intimacy with Taibao. Your name will always exist on the Internet