Taiwan’s “beauty witch” is 49 years old. Why does she have a 20-year-old body? The secret is all here

When it comes to age, we may think about how many women are frozen? In fact, I don’t know if you have found that they all have a common feature in this group, that is, they will definitely keep fit and keep exercising. Whether it’s iron rolling in the gym or doing yoga. These are their fitness activities.

Lin Huijun, 49, from Taiwan, who wants to share with you today, has been exercising since she was 40 years old. She has been keeping fit for nearly 10 years. Her body shape and sexy abdominal muscles are undoubtedly the same as the energetic young girl.

in just a few years, she has become a super salesman, with an annual income of one million and a bright future. However, I didn’t expect to encounter the financial crisis in 2008. Countless customers chased her for money, and her boss also gave her a lot of pressure. The ensuing events made her spirit on the verge of collapse, even suffering from depression; she fell from the financial upstart to the bottom of her life. Facing the entanglement of depression, family encouragement, gave her a lot of courage and strength, but also let her into the gym.

devote yourself to exercise every day and exercise until you are exhausted. If you are tired, you will sleep well at night. Over time, depression has greatly improved. This is why she began to exercise at the age of 40. After that, she also fell in love with fitness. Xiaobian had to say that she admired her persistence. At first, fitness was simply to fight against disease, and later fitness must be love. Of course, Lin Huijun will do some yoga to relax in addition to the gym.

what I want to share with you today is a few groups of yoga movements that can be done at home, so that you can relax at home. OK, don’t say much. Are you ready to collect them?

this action requires us to lean on the yoga mat, touch our hands and knees, arch our upper back and lower our head. When the chest sinks to the lowest point, the head is raised, and the whole body is relaxed. We should also pay attention to the feeling of exhaling when we arch up the back and inhale when we collapse. When we arch up, the whole spine bends forward to produce a certain squeezing feeling. At the same time, the back has a strong pulling sense. When the whole spine extends backward to the abdomen, it has a strong pulling feeling

this action requires our body to naturally and relaxed Lie down forward; sit on the heel of your hip and extend your arms forward. Of course, we should pay attention to our breathing, breathe naturally, and feel the whole movement. It is correct to have a pulling feeling on the waist and back.

with the left hand, pull the right leg to the left side, rotate the body to the right side, and breathe. During the process, keep breathing evenly. Do not hold your breath. Feel the movement. There is obvious pulling feeling on the right hip, and some people have mild and acceptable pain. This action needs to alternate from left to right.

straighten your chest, relax your abdomen, keep your pubic bone in contact with the ground all the time, and slowly lift your upper body until your abdomen feels stretched. This requires us to breathe evenly throughout the course. It can relax the whole body.

this action requires us to lie prone on the cushion surface, bend our knees close to the buttocks, slightly open the knees to both sides, hold the instep with both hands backward, and slowly press the back of feet to the ground to maintain 5-8 breaths. The length of time needs to be adjusted according to the individual situation.

the last thing I want to say is that Lin Huijun’s experience tells us that age is never an obstacle to your becoming better. Your attitude to life determines your life. As long as you are always striving to pursue and run unremittingly, you are still a teenager even though you are no longer young. Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. I hope the above sharing will be helpful to you, and I hope you can live your own life. More and more healthy, beautiful and confident. Focus