Taiyuan education department in Shanxi Province: forbid to ask parents to correct homework, like to forward

On October 26, Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Education issued. A total of 20 key measures have been put forward, including standardizing the operation management of primary and secondary school students, promoting the after-school trusteeship service, promoting teachers’ return to teaching and educating people, and promoting the reform of education management mechanism, so as to effectively reduce the excessive academic burden that damages the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students, and promote the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students. < p > < p > < p > the municipal teaching and Research Center issued relevant business guidance on homework design and implementation in primary and secondary schools. All counties and schools should actively explore the “one job in one life” mode based on information technology. < / P > < p > the total amount of homework should be coordinated by the grade group, and the “basic homework + flexible homework” mode should be adopted to arrange the homework by layers and categories. Punitive homework should not be arranged. The difficulty of homework should not exceed the requirements of the curriculum standard and the students’ cognitive level and ability level. < / P > < p > the city’s primary schools implement the system of “no homework on weekdays”. There is no written homework for grade one and grade two of primary school. According to the characteristics of children’s age, extracurricular reading, oral communication, inquiry activities, handmade reading and practical experience homework can be arranged. Third to sixth grade written homework should not exceed 60 minutes, junior high school should not exceed 90 minutes. < / P > < p > students should have moderate physical exercise homework and housework homework every day. Primary and secondary schools should arrange homework for parents to complete at least once a month, such as appreciating artistic performances, going on a youth outing, participating in sports activities, etc., and encourage primary and secondary school students to participate in social public welfare activities. < / P > < p > in principle, it is not allowed to assign subject assignments through wechat and QQ groups, and the right and ability to record homework should be returned to students. At the same time, high-quality and efficient completion of homework should be regarded as an important aspect of students’ ability. < / P > < p > actively advocate the idea that students’ physical and mental health is prior to their academic performance, and ensure that primary school students’ sleep time is no less than 10 hours, junior high school students’ no less than 9 hours, and senior high school students’ no less than 8 hours. < / P > < p > compulsory education schools are not allowed to assign homework that is difficult for students to complete, but actually for parents. It is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct homework and publish students’ scores and rankings in any way. The production of tabloids and videos should not be arranged as homework in all grades of primary schools. The tabloids that need to be made by students should be completed by teachers in the school. All schools are not allowed to assign parents to participate in matters that should be completed by teachers and students, such as cleaning the classroom, arranging the class culture, decorating and beautifying the performance place, etc. It is strictly forbidden to ask parents to like, vote and forward all kinds of information. CUISINE&HEALTH