Tang Yixin postpartum recovery brush burst hot search: “for the mother is just” is a deep malice to women!

It not only brings the happiness of novice mothers and new mothers, you think that the day of “unloading” is a happy ending, who ever thought that all the hardships have just begun.

in the later stage of pregnancy, because of foot edema, it changed from 37 yards to 40 yards. I always feel that I dare not go out, afraid of falling down, and even more afraid of being hit, just like I suffer from delusion of being killed. It’s not much. The most uncomfortable thing is that in the late pregnancy, she sleeps with a big stomach, has difficulty breathing, and always wakes up in the middle of the night…

from the early pregnancy vomiting, to the late pregnancy mobility and obesity, she has to endure one by one. On the day of “unloading”, she has to bear “grade 10” labor pains alone. What’s the concept?

when the child is ill, she is a doctor. When the child is hungry, she is a cook. She knows astronomy and geography from the top to the housekeeper. When all difficulties come to her, she must stand in front of the child.

whether it’s ordinary people or stars, it’s like a watershed for women to be pregnant and have children. Who knows “before being a mother” or “after being a mother”.

some people say: after being a mother, many unseen collapses are hidden in the night, but some men turn a blind eye to them and even can’t understand them. It’s just being a mother. How can they collapse?

in the middle of the night, the child was noisy and didn’t sleep. When he was wandering in the living room, he wanted to shout “pig teammates” together, but he was sleeping well. When he complained like him the next day, he said, “who let you be the mother of the child?”

it’s easier for stars to give birth to children than ordinary people. After all, they have the financial resources to ask professional people to guide their postpartum recovery, but more ordinary mothers can only collapse and be strong in the middle of the night.

the number of Chinese women suffering from postpartum depression is as high as 50% – 70%, and more than 10% of them will develop into severe depression if they are not cared for properly.

they were once the apple of their parents’ eyes. They would be helpless and vulnerable. They would adapt to the role of “mother” again. She needed time to adapt psychologically and physiologically. 20